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Showing the Death Stranding gameplay trailer


Showing the Death Stranding gameplay trailer was one of the main intrigues of E3 2018, and now it finally happened. Unfortunately, the video, as it did with the rest of the Death Stranding trailers, leaves more questions than answers. It is not yet clear what the game will be about, but this did not stop USA users from calling the video "genius" and expecting the release of an exclusive for Playstation 4.

After the presentation of the video, Hideo Kojima posted a small message to fans, from which some details of the game became known. For example, in several parts of the video, the camera position was changed, which gives the impression that we are watching a cutscene. Another recognized master of the gaming industry said that the main character of Death Stranding, Sam, does not at all look like the stereotypical heroes of video games. He is not a military man, rather even an "ordinary hard worker".

Once again, Kojima assured fans that his main goal in Death Stranding is to create an innovative, authoring creation in the gaming industry. It will be a game you have never seen before. A game that will give strong emotions not only to fans of video games, but also to those who are used to spending their leisure time watching movies and reading books, and simply for art lovers in general. Well, I really want to believe it. Also at E3 2018, new actors became known who will become the characters of the game - Leia Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner.

Death Stranding

And the most important question is "when will Death Stranding be released?" still remains unanswered, although the developers have already done a lot of work. It is worth saying that the game has been in development for about 2 and a half years, which is not a lot for the gaming industry. In comparison, the recent God of War has been in production for 5 years.

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Author: Jake Pinkman