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What to see from the movies at the weekend: ”Eli” (2019)


Today under the heading "what to watch from movies" we recommend our readers to watch a new horror movie from the streaming service "Netflix" - "Eli". Not everyone will get it, but we strongly recommend that those who have started watch it to the end. And all because all the naivety that the picture will demonstrate will find an explanation only at the end.

As a result, the touch of naivety from the picture will be removed as if by hand.

What is the movie "Eli" about?

At a young age, a guy named Eli had a strange seizure. His skin, all of a sudden, for no apparent reason began to itch, and then burn - in the literal sense of the word. From the inside, the boy's entire body was also burning, as if his veins were immediately heated to incredible temperatures.

And from that time on, the parents were forced to keep their son in a kind of plastic box, the air in which was "disinfected", that is, bacteria and other microbes on which the child developed an allergy were completely exterminated in him.

A few years after the incident, the parents were lucky. They found a private clinic that specializes in similar ailments. And the family, having saved up money, set off.


Upon arrival at the secluded mansion, Eli immediately began to feel that something was wrong. Although he could now freely move around the usual dwelling, since the air here was "disinfected", now ghosts began to appear at every step.

He tries to tell his parents about everything, but they do not believe him. Plus, the doctor himself inspires fear and horror. As well as medical procedures (all over - surgical operations), which are very difficult for him to endure.


He suspects that doctors here do not treat, but cripple children. But dad and mom, as usual, naively believe the doctor, and not their own son.

And this naive belief in the doctor will become clear only at the end of the film. Then the whole naive will disappear.

A little more naivety

At first, the plot will seem hackneyed to some. The story is about another "boy in a bubble", whom the disease does not allow humanly to run, jump, make friends and love. It's like that. Only the nature of the disease is somewhat extraordinary.

The diagnosis of the disease (by the way - not congenital, but acquired) immediately brought a smile to our mind. The child cannot breathe ordinary air, since his body has a terrible allergic reaction to the microfauna. Microbes and bacteria contained in plain air are supposedly deadly for him.

Yes, the diagnosis is very idiotic. This does not happen, as well as such a reaction - too, but we advise you to hold your horses and wait for the truth about the disease to be clarified. This will be the whole point.

The mansion "protected from germs" caused an even wider smile. Nonsense, and nothing more. But even on this occasion the naivety will be dispelled.

In general, there are many such moments in the film, but in the end everything will fall into place. As well as the very non-standard behavior of parents and their attitude to strange "medical procedures".

What's good and bad about the movie

The film is good precisely for its unexpected ending. Yes, for obvious reasons, many were counting on a different ending, but this one, frankly, is not the worst. Rather, even the opposite. And unexpectedly, and tastefully, and done, the groundwork for the continuation.


Stranger Things fans are even more fortunate. Among the characters, an important role was played by the girl whom Eli met through the glass. This is the red-haired Max, one of the main characters of the mentioned series.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out only the cheapness of the film. Hence the low atmosphere, and the absence of serious special effects, which, by the way, are not really needed here. Watching the trailer.

Honestly, the film looks nothing without all of the above, and what distinguishes it from the usual third-rate horror films is the non-standard ending, and not the scarcity of computer graphics.


That's all. For all interested, we suggest you follow the following link to watch the movie online.

Watch the movie "Eli" 2019

We just have to wish you a pleasant viewing. All the best to you and more awesome movies and TV shows!

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