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What an interesting movie to watch on Saturday night Fracture (2019)


Again Saturday night and again the dilemma, what's the best thing to watch online for fun? What interesting film to watch so that it is really exciting, catchy and you don't want to turn off the picture in the first twenty minutes? Today we are offering for viewing the new psychological thriller with Sam Warrington's participation "Fracture", which premiered on October 11 on the streaming service Netflix.

Of course, you will hardly be able to relax while listening to such a masterpiece, but what will be interesting, we guarantee.

Where did all the porridge come from?

Sam Warington's hero - Ray - is a simple builder. He is returning with his wife and little daughter from relatives in his own car since Thanksgiving, which, judging by the tense conversation, did not go very well.

The daughter wanted to go to the toilet, and the family stopped at a small gas station, where some kind of construction was being carried out nearby, and the basement floor with a foundation without an upper ceiling was not fenced off with a special fence. The wife went to the toilet for a powder compact forgotten by her child, while Ray started looking for it in the back seat, and put his daughter on the ground next to the car.

Swearing at the mess, he started digging in it and accidentally poured coffee in the back seat. Grumbling under his breath, he began to wipe it off, not noticing that his daughter, interested in an inflatable ball entangled in the armature, is heading to the construction pit.

To top it off, a wild dog appeared, which, approaching the child, began to press him closer and closer to the cliff.


Father noticed all this too late. And although he threw a stone at the dog, trying to drive him away from his daughter, she still fell down on the concrete floor of the basement, where Ray crashed with her, trying in vain to reach out and save his child.

What's next?

He came to himself from the screams of his wife. When falling, he cracked his head robustly and passed out for a while. Then he heard the crying of his daughter, who, apparently, broke her arm from the fall.

The wife, lamenting, began to insist that he quickly regained consciousness and flew at full speed to the hospital. Which he actually did. He almost got into an accident on the way and took the child to a local clinic.


After sitting in line for a long time and fiddling with insurance and other papers, the doctor finally examined my daughter and decided that, in addition to the fracture, the girl might also have a serious head injury, as a result of which he sent her for a tomography. The wife went with her.

Ray returned to the waiting room and took a good nap there. When he woke up, he found that the doctor's shift had already changed, and the day was leaning towards evening. When he started asking the doctor on duty about his family at the reception, he was surprised to find that no one here had ever heard of them.

Stunned Ray did not suffer long in thought. More than once today he came across containers with the inscription: “Attention! Donor organ! " But how to bring these doctors and hospital guards out into the open, when he, like a violent one, was chipped with some rubbish and locked in an empty office?

Next there will be a spoiler. So the only thing we can offer is a trailer for the picture in USA.

Interested? Then - for viewing.

What's good about Fracture, and what are its drawbacks

The film does not let you get bored. Although some of the twists and turns look ridiculous in some scenes, in the finale, when the ending completely unexpectedly takes us a little off the corner that we expected, all the bloopers and overlays will immediately align and become understandable.

So, before judging any naivety or pretense, you should first be patient and watch the picture "Fracture" until the credits.

We did not notice any special disadvantages. And the roughness that is, is not worth it to be singled out in a special way on the general plan. In general, the picture looks very good. Yes, this is a budget film, but, for all that, the script was written quite well, which makes the film look in one go, keeping the viewer in suspense until the very end.


Let's summarize. Those who just want to "relax" should look for something easier to watch. The rest, fasten your seat belts, it will be psychologically stressful, but very interesting!

To watch Fracture movie online follow the link below.

“Fracture” (2019) online

And we say goodbye to you until next Saturday. I wish you all the best, enjoyable watching and, as always, more cool films and TV series.

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