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What to watch from the movies at the weekend: Good Boys (2019)


This Sunday we will chill out to the teenage Comedy Good Boys. We recommend it to everyone who is puzzling over what to watch from the films to raise the mood and rest the soul, because, firstly, it is not overwritten in the USA box office and few people have heard of it at all, and secondly, it in some places it will be funnier than the best adult comedies today.

Who is the Good Boys comedy about

This is a story about three sixth-grader friends - Thor, Lucas and Max, who look very different in appearance and characters, but united by one goal - to attend a teenage party for the first time with kissing and playing with a bottle, and not to hit their face in the mud .


Max is a loving fellow, it is evident that the most Casanova will grow out of him. Thor is an excellent singer, sang in the school choir with the voice of an angel, very ashamed of his talent, because because of his "vocal abilities" all cool peers consider him to be slobber. Lucas is a dark-skinned boy with a terrible habit, at the first sign of danger, immediately panic and tell everything about everyone.

Here is such an interesting and motley set. But all of them are united by friendship from primary school. They call their trio the "Gang of Sacks" and strive with might and main to be cooler than they really are. And rightly so. After all, it is time for puberty, and at this time the guy who does not want to look at a level in front of the eyes of growing beauties of the same age is bad.

What the Good Boys Comedy Is About

Let's see the trailer first.

Little is clear from it, but we will explain. One of the cool boys here invites his peers to his kissing party. Our trio is among the outsiders, but the loving Max, nevertheless, was among the invited and by hook or by crook got an invitation for his friends - the singer Thor and the coward Lucas.

But they face a dilemma - how to go to a kissing party if you don't know how to kiss? And the guys begin their long journey to learning the secrets of kissing. They unsuccessfully try to find information about it on the internet, then try to learn to kiss on a dummy.


As a result, they stop at the idea to spy on how adult girls from the neighborhood kiss their boyfriends. They decided to do this with the help of Max's father's drone, who strictly forbade touching him.

And, of course, everything went awry for them. Mean neighborhood girls "confiscated" Max's drone and refused to give it away. But the guys secretly stole their purse, and decided to blackmail them. And who knew that there would be drugs in the bag?

Further story turns into a huge spoiler. We learn from the film how the guys will get out of this situation. Let's dwell only on what we liked the most and didn't like the most in this picture.

A few words about naivety and cons

Yes, indeed, at first the film seems very naive. The lack of knowledge of today's teenagers in matters of a sexual nature is very far-fetched and even ridiculous. Their inability to find information about kissing in a search engine also looks naive. The current punks, starting from the first grade, find a common language with a search robot a hundred times faster than adults. It is clear that the creators decided to deliberately exaggerate the ignorance of the main characters in these matters in order to build on this further scenario. But it still looks silly.

I also didn't like the fact that in a seemingly half-childish film, too many jokes belong to the category "below the belt." Jokes with "anal beads", in our opinion, are generally superfluous here and look absolutely stupid and inappropriate.

We were also not delighted with the clumsy attempt of the creators to expose all current parents (and not only, judging by the brow who tried to buy a mannequin from the guys) as some secret sexual perverts. Here we can only say one thing: "People are not judged by themselves, dear!"

A few words about tolerance and pluses

But, after a third of the film was left behind, we caught ourselves on the fact that we almost do not pay attention to the naive and just watch the film, smiling with all our mouths and making fun of funny plot twists.


Indeed, in places with jokes below the belt - overkill, but the film as a whole came out very successful in terms of raising the mood. So, for everyone who cannot stop at what to watch from the films on the weekend, we highly recommend watching this particular comedy. Even if it is about little assholes, it will amuse any adult no worse than the sameRat Race.

The main thing is to endure the first 20-30 minutes, and then everything will go like clockwork!


For anyone interested in our next tip on what movie to watch this weekend to cheer up, we suggest you follow the link below:

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