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What to see from the films at the weekend: ”On duty!” (2018)


Today, everyone who cannot choose a film for Sunday viewing is offered to cheer themselves up by checking out a parody comedy from Belgian filmmakers - the film "On the Watch!" (2018). The picture exaggeratedly ridicules all the delays and vicissitudes of police work, from the relationship of colleagues with each other and the competence of staffing the staff and ending with interrogation.

Description of the film "On duty!" (2018)

You can watch the trailer right away. Unfortunately, it has not been translated into USA, so our further synopsis will be more informative in terms of acquaintance with the picture. Although, those who know French are not so few among us either.

Police Commissioner Buron interrogates the main suspect in the murder case, a certain Mr.Fugine. The police who arrived at the scene of the crime found the body in a pool of leaked blood, next to which there was an ordinary household iron, which, most likely, served as the murder weapon.

The body was discovered by Mr. Fugine living in a house nearby. Upon further investigation, it turned out that the iron belonged to him, which is why suspicion of murder immediately fell on him. It is already evening time and everyone has long since been thrown from work. But Buron, who has nothing to do at home, is much more fun to be at work, in the company of a suspect.

At least there is someone to talk to.

He thread by thread pulls from hungry Mr. Furon information about what he was doing before he found the body. From time to time he is distracted by talking on the phone, and all this time the suspect is forced to languish at the table in his office.

Once again, the commissioner was distracted from the "interrogation" by his son. He went out to talk to him, leaving to guard the suspected junior investigator - the one-eyed idiot Philip, who, accidentally falling on a ruler and piercing his only eye, gave his soul to God.


What should Mr. Fugine do? After all, the commissioner who has returned will never believe that the stupid idiot Philip himself fell on this damn student triangle ...

The atmosphere in the film "On the Watch!" (2018) and does not smell, but in such films, she is not needed. The picture is replete with gags, making fun of everything related to the conduct of interrogations and the privacy of police officers.

Just what you need to cheer up! We watched this masterpiece with the greatest pleasure, which is what we wish for you.


For all those who are interested in our offer about what to watch from the films next Sunday evening, we invite you to follow the link below.

Watch the film "On the Watch!" (2018) online

We wish you pleasant viewing, good mood and an easy working week! And more cool films on the Internet. After all, there is no way without good shows in our time!

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