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8 Facts About the 10th Anniversary iPad


iPad had an anniversary. The device is 10 years old. It was first shown on January 27, 2010. This is the last gadget that Steve Jobs contributed to.

The product turned out to be successful. It shaped the fashion for tablets, gave new strength to mobile gaming, and took an active part in educational processes. Currently, tablet computers are second only to smartphones in popularity.

Our resource offers, in connection with the decade of the device, to get acquainted with eight entertaining facts about it.

1. Apple made its first attempts at a tablet back in 1987

iPad is not the first tablet computer. This is probably known to many, but not everyone knows that the concept of the first such gadget was presented by Apple back in 1987. The company was run at the time by John Scully, who fired Steve Jobs.

The head of the then Apple was also not devoid of imagination, he dreamed of plans to create a device capable of predicting user actions. In his opinion, such a device should have a touch keyboard capable of entering large amounts of text with a few taps.

The result was Knowledge Navigator, which, however, did not go into mass production.

In 1993, a new product was released - the digital assistant Newton MessagePad, which Soviet specialists taught to understand handwritten text. It turns out that this problem has long been dealt with in our country. In case of accidental contact between Apple engineers and scientists from USA, the gadget received such a demanded and necessary functionality. At that time, this was akin to fantasy.

2. iPad was built to outperform competitors from Microsoft

During the presentation of the first iPad, Steve Jobs stated that they wanted to bring it to the market before the iPhone. Allegedly, they first developed a small PC, and then realized that it would be a cool phone.

According to rumors, with the creation of a tablet, Jobs wanted to wipe his nose with one of Microsoft's top managers. This man knew Steve intimately. Every time he met him, he told the Apple executive about his plans to conquer the market with a tablet computer developed by Microsoft.

In his stories, this manager mentioned a stylus, which Jobs refused to even think about. He strongly rejected the use of this device.

All this stimulated work on the iPad, which soon came out without any stylus or pencils.

3. The first iPad only had 256MB of RAM

On April 3, 2010, the history of the operation of the first iPad began. By today's standards, it had ridiculous technical equipment. It was based on a single-core Apple A4 chipset with 256 MB of RAM. The display was 9.7 inches with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels.

The processor did its job well, but there was not enough "RAM" here. Even the iPhone 4, released that same year, had 512GB of RAM.

Everyone was amazed by the message about the autonomy of the novelty. She was declared at 10 o'clock. This figure was higher than that of laptops. In reality, it was not like that. The first iPad was able to work on a single charge for 6-7 hours. This was not a bad result for that time.

4. The first camera in iPad 2

Many users have long realized that the iPad is not associated with cameras or their active use. The lens is only needed for FaceTime video calls.


This is probably why the first version of this device was devoid of cameras at all. But she appeared in the second. And along with this, it gave rise to a lot of jokes and memes. The main reason for all this was the presence of a low-power sensor: its resolution was only 0.7 Mp. 5. Bill Gates called the gadget a "reader"

Bill Gates didn't like iPad. He felt that this product was not suitable for use during business meetings. With its help, you cannot write quickly, leave notes, enter volumes of text. Back in 2010, a businessman called the device a "reader" and said that Microsoft would soon show a cooler device.

It turned out to be Surface, a Windows 8 tablet. However, it hasn't been as widespread as the iPad.

6. iPad purchased 79 times a minute

During the first day of sales, 300,000 tablets were sold. This number has grown to 15 million in a year. Someone even calculated that 79 iPads were on sale within a minute. During the period of maximum demand, this device generated about 1/3 of all Apple's revenue.

It is known that in 2018 the sales of the gadget amounted to more than 400 million copies.

Smartphones currently have the highest rates in this area. It's all about equipping them with productive filling and large displays.

7. iPad plays a big role in the educational process

According to statistics, almost 97% of tablets involved in the education process are Apple products. Most of them work in schools, colleges and universities in the United States. At the same time, teachers are not against the use of these devices by students. This trend continues not only in the United States, but also in a number of other countries.


8. According to Time magazine, Apple's device tops the top ten best gadgets of the last decade

This is exactly what the journalists of this publication think. In a little eulogy, it says that before the iPad, everything it could do seemed fantastic. Its release marked a new stage in the development of electronic devices.

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