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How the new iPad Pro and Huawei smartphone flex


This review brings together two foldable gadgets - the new 2018 iPad Pro and the unmarked Huawei smartphone. They both bend, but for different reasons.

iPad too thin

Apple's latest iPad Pro is very expensive. The cheapest 11-inch model starts at 66,000 rubles, and a 12.9-inch tablet starts at 82,000 rubles.

A video from JerryRigEverything has circulated on the Internet, showing how easy it is, like a sheet of paper, to fold the iPad Pro in half. It doesn't even require a lot of effort.

In the posted image, you can see the device flexed around the microphone hole on the left. On the right, this process began at the location of the magnetic connector for the Apple Pencil.

Users on the network began to discuss this problem and ways to solve it. The obvious is the simplest thing - do not bend the gadget. However, there are comments from users claiming that their devices were bent, not only after being left in backpacks for a while, but also in boxes.

In this regard, many agree that the manufacturer began to make tablets too thin, which led to this result.

The 2018 iPad Pro is 5.9mm thin, up from 6.1mm. Was it worth making it this way, because, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, which has been produced recently, has a thickness of 7.1 mm and no one suffers about this.

Ipad Pro 2018

Everyone came to the conclusion that the most optimal solution to the folding problem would be to purchase a case for the device. True, covers - the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio and Smart Folio keyboards will not help in this matter. It remains to wait for Apple to develop and release a more durable and reliable case.

All Apple iPad Pro users are advised to be careful with their expensive devices until better times. It is best to place them in their original storage box often.

Huawei's 8-inch Flexible Smartphone

South Korea is awash with news regarding foldable smartphones. Most of this news is related to a new product from Huawei.

It became known that the engineers of this company have completed work on a flexible smartphone equipped with a 5G support function, which has already been announced in South Korea. This communication protocol will start working on the territory of this country at the beginning of the second quarter of next year.

According to the ETNews media publication, the device was shown to officials who are directly related to the country's mobile operators. During the interview, one of them stated that a finished product was presented, and not a prototype, as previously reported.

Huawei 2018

This isn't the first time Huawei's 5G-capable flexible foldable smartphone has been released. Not so long ago, in the course of communication with representatives of the press, the CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, confirmation of the information about the work in this direction was given. True, he did not explain at what stage the work is being carried out and how soon the device will be presented to the general public.

The functionality of the novelty is still a secret, only some points are clear. It is known to have a folded screen size of 5 inches. When unfolded, it turns into a tablet, which has a dimension equal to 8 inches. Most likely, the manufacturer will use the foldable interface previously developed by Android. This makes it possible to change the way applications are displayed when changing modes of operation.

Prior to this, there were several inside reports that Huawei plans to launch foldable smartphones faster than Samsung into the series. The Koreans have already presented their foldable product for everyone, but it is not yet known when it will start mass production. According to ETNews, a similar device from Huawei will begin production after February 2019.

South Korea will be one of the pioneers in the introduction of the 5G communication protocol. It is highly likely that the predicted start of sales of a smartphone with a flexible screen is connected with this fact. Now all mobile operators in this country are making joint efforts to quickly launch the most modern type of communication.

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