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Apple has acknowledged a cosmetic defect in the new iPad Pro family


Apple has officially accepted the fact that the outer casing of the new iPad Pro 2018 has a slightly curved shape. The "Apple" corporation explains this by the specifics of technological production and does not consider such a design to be a marriage.

At the same time, the manufacturer claims that the curved shape of the aluminum chassis does not affect the technical characteristics of the device and does not affect its performance over time. The company also acknowledged that the deformed case is found on both iPads starting at $ 800 and the most advanced model at $ 1900 with 1TB internal memory and an LTE module.

Apple's statement came in response to the discontent of the owners of the latest line of iPads. Users of the device noticed a slight curvature of its body in the absence of any external influences or careless handling. At the same time, the opinions of the owners of the device were divided: someone thinks that the iPad Pro tablet was curved gradually due to constant use or carrying in a bag, and someone claims that the iPad was slightly deformed from the very beginning.

According to the manufacturer, the Apple iPad Pro tablet received a slight distortion during the manufacturing process at the time of mutual shrinkage of the cooling metal and plastic parts of the case. Apple representatives add that a similar result after the mechanical interaction of components from different materials may appear immediately, or maybe later.

Owners of the 2018 iPad Pro equipped with an LTE cellular modem are most concerned because the module's antenna is placed on a plastic strip separating the front and back of the metal case. Despite this, Apple does not mention the presence of curvature directly on devices with an LTE module, although some users of other models have also noticed this cosmetic defect. Most of the owners of apple "products show their dissatisfaction not because of the external features of the new iPad case, but because of the brand's reputation. In the IT industry, Apple products are viewed as devices with impeccable workmanship and a high standard of exterior quality.


Apple notes that their expectations regarding the number of returned iPads in the new line are below average. At the same time, the corporation offers to return the iPad Pro 2018 tablet with a slightly curved case within two weeks, if the owner is not satisfied with this appearance of the device, or to exchange it for another device in the Apple branded store or from an official reseller. And although the not smallest 11-inch iPad Pro weighs about 0.5 kg, there was no evidence that the curved chassis of the case caused it to break. Apple also claims that this cosmetic defect does not affect the performance of the device.

The Topic of Article: Apple has acknowledged a cosmetic defect in the new iPad Pro family.
Author: Jake Pinkman