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What's on the agenda for Apple this year and beyond


Information about Apple's plans for the next year and several years ahead has appeared. For the attention of the readers, we provide an overview of this information.

Presentation of new products

On March 25, at the Steve Jobs Theater, one of the events dedicated to the release of some of the company's products will take place. First of all, we are talking about a streaming video service that should become a competitor to Netflix.

In addition, the Mini Apple TV set-top box will be an addition to this service, with the help of which it will be easy to view all the incoming video information.


One more novelty, HomePod Mini, can work in tandem with a set-top box. This smart speaker makes it easy to listen to music tracks, news and more. There is a possibility that the product will be mastered under the Beats brand, but the reasons for this move are not yet known. It only explains that such a move will help the company get closer to competitors in this segment.

Headphones, charger and smartphone

There is information at the level of rumors that the Yabloko players will launch an updated model of AirPods wireless headphones and an AirPower charger, the announcement of which has already been prepared for a long time, it was expected last year.


One of the most popular smartphones in Apple's lineup was the iPhone SE, which has already been phased out. The device gained recognition primarily due to its low cost and compact size.

It was expected to be replaced by the iPhone XR, but the hopes did not materialize. The new iPhone is too big and expensive for that. Therefore, all fans of the model live in anticipation of the launch of new items with a display that does not exceed 4 inches. Insiders, by analyzing the codes, have already found out that it will be released soon, the product will have the previous iPhone 7. Most likely we are talking about the iPhone SE 2.

iPad and iPod family

Thanks to information from the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) website, it became known about the registration of at least seven new iPad models. Among others, there is a device with a 10-inch screen. It is slightly larger than the old version.

iPad Mini 4 has been on sale for over four years. Many decided that the story of this interesting iOS device would end there. Recently, however, the head of one of the divisions of Apple said that a small tablet is being developed without specifying at least an approximate date of its announcement.


This year it is expected to release another gadget of the "Yabloko", allowing you to plunge into their ecosystem - iPod Touch, which will be the seventh in a row. There is even a hunch that it will be released in March.

Software Consolidation

Everyone knows that Apple PCs run macOS, and smartphones and tablets run iOS.

Last year, one of the firm's representatives announced that they had started a project that would allow iOS applications to run on the Mac. Later, one of the authoritative publications published information about the company's plans in this direction.

According to him, an SDK will be created in the summer of 2019 that will allow you to transfer applications from iPad to MacOS. Expansion of the capabilities of this program is expected next year. It will allow you to do the same with the iPhone. By 2021, it is planned to create an application, the capabilities of which will unite the work of all three platforms.


The company itself does not comment on this information. However, everyone understands that if this plan is implemented, there will be benefits for developers and users.

The first, after the introduction of new software, which will cover all devices of the company with its platform, will not spend resources on custom versions for gadgets, as it was before.

Users will be able to use one program on all products of the company, which means, first of all, savings for them. You pay once and use all the features of the advanced software.

Apple is not the first company to try to create something versatile in the software segment. Prior to that, similar attempts were made by Microsoft and Google. However, no one has yet succeeded in creating such a product. These two tech giants have been able to do whatever it takes to blur the lines between programs like Android and Chrome OS. They just added other resources to keep them running. These are Google Play and Android apps in Chromebook.

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