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Spring presentation of Apple: bank card, streaming service, entertainment TV and gaming platform


The expected spring presentation of Apple took place, where the company officially presented its completely new and already existing, but updated solutions. This time, the corporation decided to focus not on products, but on online services, which are supposed to be of interest to those who already use Apple products. New products included a branded bank card, gaming, streaming and news services, as well as an entertainment TV platform.

Virtual Apple Card

Partly new Apple products have become updated versions of existing services or additions to existing Apple systems. Thus, the presented Apple Card payment card became an addition within the Apple Pay system. With its help, you can exercise control over expenses and make payments. The Apple Card partner service can provide both a virtual version of the card and issue it in a regular physical form.

Apple Spring Presentation

The main feature of the Apple card is the cashback option. At the presentation, it was announced that all card transactions are refunded in the amount of 2% - for transactions via the Apple Pay system, 1% - for actions using a physical Apple Card and 3% - for purchases in branded stores and corporate applications. p>

Also, when announcing the service, the company's representatives emphasized the absence of subscription payments for servicing the card during the year. The Apple Card launch is scheduled for this summer, but the list of countries where the service will operate was not announced.

Apple Arcade Gaming Platform

Apple unveiled Apple's proprietary gaming platform, Arcade, which provides access to mobile games in the AppStore. At the same time, the games will become available without additional fees inside them, since this covers the monthly fixed subscription fee within the service. Also Apple Arcade opens such access on all user's devices. The App Store new tab platform launches in the fall and will expand to over 150 countries.

Apple Spring Presentation

Renewed Apple TV - Netflix Killer

The presented new Apple 2019 products aroused both usual curiosity and increased interest among the participants of the event. So, one of the brightest announcements of the evening with the participation of Hollywood stars was the presentation of the updated Apple TV streaming service. Its new options give you access to a wider selection of movies, talk shows and sports. As part of the presentation, Apple announced the expansion of cooperation with such giants as HBO, ShowTime, and others. In addition, Apple TV + provides viewers with content created exclusively for the service.

Apple Spring Presentation

The company expects great results from Apple TV and presents it as the “killer” of the equally popular Netflix service. The corporation plans to make Apple TV an equal competitor for other, more advanced global streaming services. Users will be able to follow live broadcasts on iPhone, iPad and more on Mac devices. Apple TV and Apple TV + will also be available on smart TVs from manufacturers Samsung, LG, Visio, Sony and others. Subscription to the updated streaming platform will be available in more than 100 countries from autumn 2019.

Updated Apple News +

Despite the fact that Apple's presentation had already made a lot of information noise before its appearance, most of the new products announced by the company will become available at least by the end of the year. Anyway, outside of the continent of North America. This also applies to the updated news aggregator Apple News +.

Apple News +, in addition to the news resources previously provided by the service, has now been supplemented with online versions of popular magazines on a variety of topics - travel, sports, fashion, entertainment, etc. By the time of launch, the service will be replenished with a collection of more than 300 US publications and several dozen from Canada.

Apple Spring Presentation

Apple representatives noted that the news service will also begin to study the user's personal preferences in order to form recommended content based on them. To do this, machine learning was built into the service, which, as promised, will not be interested in and monitor the user's network activity. Apple News + is expected to start soon in the English-speaking US and Canada. A little later the UK, New Zealand and Australia will be added to them. For other countries, the service will be available even later.

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