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Inside # 03.07: Microsoft Surface Duo; Galaxy M41 smartphone; glass keyboard for Macbook


The next issue of the July insider is devoted to news coming from the camp of three companies: Microsoft, Samsung and Apple. First, let's talk about the folding device of the American tech giant. Then we will discuss the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy M41 battery. At the end of the article, let's talk about a new Apple patent that provides for equipping laptops with glass keyboards.

Microsoft showed a photo of a device with two screens

The head of one of the divisions of Microsoft Panos Panay posted on the network a photo of the Surface Duo smartphone, which received two screens. On it he is captured with an unannounced device in his hands. However, Panay wears a dark T-shirt with an image of this product.


For the first time, the company told about this device back in October last year. Its appearance on the market was predicted during the New Year holidays. However, it did not take place and rumors appeared on the network that the product would be released in August this year, before the official announcement of its main competitor - Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

Recently, the German portal WinFuture recently announced that the start of Surface Duo sales could be postponed to 2021.

The device received two identical 5.6-inch screens with a resolution of 1350 x 1800 pixels. When unfolded, they form an 8.3-inch front panel. There is a special hinge between them.

The device is expected to be equipped with a Surface Pen to improve the quality of the device and its efficiency.

The core of the Surface Duo's hardware will be the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform, which is no longer the freshest in the lineup. They installed 6 GB of RAM to help her. Autonomy will be provided by a 3460 mAh battery.

Everything will operate under Android 10, in the future we plan to switch to the latest version of the operating system.

For the implementation of photo opportunities, the product will be equipped with one 11-megapixel camera. It will become main and frontal.

The device will receive the App Group functionality, allowing the user to download two applications on two screens with one touch.

Please understand that Microsoft Surface Duo is not a foldable display device like the Galaxy Fold. It is a dual-screen gadget that has the same capabilities as a flexible display device.

Due to the non-standard form factor of this product, the developers collaborated with Google to optimize Android for Surface Duo.

Galaxy M41 will be equipped with a powerful battery

Insiders report that Samsung intends to release several budget smartphones of the M line, which will definitely include the Galaxy M41.


At first there was information about the release of this device in 2020, but then messages began to appear about the postponement of the launch to the next year. Allegedly, the main reason for this is the failure of suppliers to meet the terms of delivery of displays due to their low quality, the level of which was revealed during the tests.

Recently, a record of testing the EB-BM415ABY model (this is the Galaxy M41) appeared in the 3C mobile authentication website database. Almost at the same time, her image was posted by Safety Korea. Both sources claim that the device is equipped with a 6800 (!) MAh battery.

Network informants claim that Ningde Amperex Technology Limited, a company from China, is directly involved in the production of the product.

If these data are confirmed, the smartphone will become the first device in the world from the budget or mid-price segment, which will be equipped with a battery of such a large capacity. This will give him an undeniable advantage in the market over competitors that have nothing like this.

So far, there is no official confirmation or denial of the above information. Despite the fact that the Galaxy M41 has already passed certification, it is not known how things are with the supply of displays. Their failure may delay the announcement and start of sales of the new product.

It is also not clear if this smartphone will only get one feature or there will be others.

Glass keyboards on Macbook are possible

Apple is constantly working to improve keyboards for its laptops. Not always everything goes smoothly, there are shortcomings and errors, as in the case of the implementation of the "butterfly" system on the MacBook in recent years.

The firm has made some peripheral changes to restore user confidence.

Recently it became known that the American company has new plans. We are talking about a new Apple patent that provides for equipping the MacBook keyboard with glass keys. This will help increase its durability.

In the US, this patent was registered last year, but it became known about it recently.

It implies the use of glass keys instead of plastic ones. In this case, they will be transparent, and the symbols will be applied to them from the inside. Also, the engineers of the American manufacturer are planning to equip the buttons with backlighting.


It is possible to use two-color or RGB LEDs for this.

Equipping the keyboard with glass keys, and even with LEDs, will allow developers to significantly improve the MacBook peripherals. However, all experts and specialists agree that it takes several years to master this technology. It is unlikely that Apple (even under favorable circumstances) will be able to implement it in the next generation of its laptops.

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