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Insider # 8.11: Xiaomi e-book; analog of Microsoft Surface Duo from Samsung; Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 5G; budget smartphone LG


The next release of insider data will be devoted to several news items. First, let's talk about a leak regarding the as-yet-unannounced Xiaomi e-book. Then we will discuss a Samsung patent dating back to 2015. After that, we will inform readers about the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 5G and LG's budget smartphone.

Xiaomi will soon release its first e-book

On November 20, the start of a crowdfunding company is planned for the release of the first e-book of the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi. Representatives of the firm announced this last week.

Shortly before the start of the event, insiders posted data on the network revealing the details of the technical equipment of the gadget, its characteristics and external data. It was also reported that the reader will closely resemble the well-known Amazon Kindle model.


Xiaomi decided not to change traditions and announce a fundraiser for a new project. Previously, many Chinese manufacturers have practiced this.

It is known that the company's first e-book was named Xiaomi Mi Reader. It will be equipped with support for most well-known formats, including Microsoft Office documents and EPUB.

The basis of the hardware filling of the device will be a quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. It will have an HD E-Ink display with 212 ppi pixel density and backlight for use at night.

Product weight is 178 grams.

Synchronization of the reader with a smartphone is available in order to be able to replenish the library with new works and transfer it.

Xiaomi eBook pre-orders will begin accepting on November 20th at $ 82.

Long before the appearance of the Microsoft Surface Duo, Samsung started thinking about developing such a device

Samsung has already launched the foldable Galaxy Fold. We know about the nuances of his second reincarnation and another folding product.

Recently, there is evidence that Koreans are ready to experiment with different smartphone form factors.

Back in 2015, Samsung patented a gadget model that strongly resembles the recently introduced Microsoft Surface Duo. For some reason, the registration of the patent took place only a few days ago.


It becomes clear that Samsung experts have seriously approached the issue of creating a bendable product, considering various options for its shape. Benefits of the patented form factor are visible from the document. Dual displays make multitasking easier and more efficient.

It can be seen that the device screen has an aspect ratio of 16: 9, which is now obsolete. Touch buttons were placed at the bottom of it. At that time, specialists had not yet thought about frameless design.

It is not yet clear if the firm will continue to research the submitted technical documentation or use other form factors for its foldable devices.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 5G will debut before the end of the year

Two months ago, Xiaomi announced the Mi9 Pro 5G and Mi Mix Alpha models. After that, data began to arrive, indicating that the release of one of the most anticipated modifications - Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 5G, will take place by the end of this year.

A few days ago, this smartphone appeared in the list of goods sold by the Chinese retailer Jingdong Mall.


It is not possible to view it on the company's page and find out the technical characteristics. While everything is hiding. Nothing is known about the price of the product either.

Previously, it was said that the smartphone will be equipped with an AMOLED display developed by Samsung with a hole for the front camera, 2K resolution. It will have a 120Hz refresh rate.

All the hardware "hardware" of the gadget here is commanded by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor. It is possible that there will be modifications with the yet to be presented Snapdragon 865, which supports fifth generation networks.

LG's K9 lineup will have a new smartphone

According to the FCC website, LG is preparing the release of a new gadget with model number LM-X210LMW.

Despite the budget, the device has several remarkable nuances.


The area of its front panel is as close as possible to 100% due to small frames and a modest cutout at the top for a selfie camera.

The back cover is made of glossy material. In the upper left corner there is a single main camera with LED flash. That is why it becomes clear that the device belongs to the budget price segment.

Experts believe that this gadget belongs to the K9 line. He is called to update it. It is also possible, but unlikely, that this is a representative of the K10 class. Its exact characteristics and cost have not yet been established.

Currently, LG offers users smartphones of the X, G, K and Q lines. There is also the flagship device V40 +. A distinctive feature of the devices of this company is their uniqueness.

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