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Microsoft is working on a new fluid solution for flexible gadgets


More and more manufacturers are starting to bring their devices with flexible screens to the market. Microsoft also decided to take part in this project, however, unlike many, the corporation seeks to make a truly mass product. The debut of the first such gadgets was not very successful, but it is likely that Microsoft will be able to fix the situation.

What Microsoft came up with

For folding gadgets, the corporation is preparing its own technology of new loops. Their device differs in many respects from existing standards and is very interesting. Perhaps the development will complement the next Microsoft flexible format product. That the company is engaged in a new project was first discovered by attentive netizens in one of its proprietary patents. According to him, Microsoft has come up with special "liquid" hinges for folding mobile devices. There is a liquid inside them and, in addition, its layer covers them outside.

This decision is explained by the fact that the "liquid" hinges, differing from the standard ones, will have less load at the bend points. The liquid will help them in this. In the long term, this should preserve all the parts of the gadget that are involved in bending, thereby increasing the life of the device and its screen.


Awaiting the upcoming release

An important fact is that Microsoft developments regarding this issue are accompanied by the "licensing" mark. This means that the corporation can license other brands to use its loop technology. Microsoft is currently collaborating with several manufacturers, and, according to some reports, closer to next year, a number of partner companies are preparing the release of foldable gadgets based on Windows Lite.

Not so long ago, information appeared on the network that the corporation is preparing the release of a new device with two screens from the Surface family. Presumably, the release will take place not only of this gadget, but also of the new Surface in a flexible form factor, where you can just see the new Microsoft engineering technologies in action. The company has been stirring up interest in a special event for quite some time, the main theme of which should be updated Surface products.


The conference is scheduled for October, with Microsoft announcing "something special" as part of the event.

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Author: Jake Pinkman