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LG Unveils Ready-Made Flexible Laptop Screen


The current trend towards flexible screens in consumer electronics and smartphones is keeping a lot of popular brands awake. LG is no exception. Its manufacturing subsidiary, LG Display, has developed flexible OLED panels for laptops and is ready to launch them into mass production.

Turnkey solution

LG Display calls its proprietary flexible display a fully working solution for customers to use. The company offers 13.3-inch panels that can be folded inward in the same way as the foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. The company does not name the final dates for the launch of production lines, as well as a list of potential customers. However, one brand is already interested in development.

Lenovo, having become the leader in the laptop and desktop solutions industry in the first quarter of 2019, showed interest in LG development, which is not surprising, because not so long ago Lenovo introduced its own laptop with a flexible OLED screen with the same 13.3 -inch diagonal. Lenovo's fold-out laptop concept is still in the works for a full working sample, which is expected only next year.


Who was first: LG vs Samsung

Another world corporation - Korean Samsung has long been promoting the idea of flexible screen matrices in the segment of mobile devices. In its arsenal there is already a ready-made model of such a display, ready for serial production. It is she who is the main feature of the folding Galaxy Fold, although the fact that the company was engaged in its creation for 8 years clearly indicates not the easiest process of producing screens in this segment.

LG, commenting on the situation in general, notes that flexible panels for small format devices are technically more difficult to create than counterparts for tablets and laptops. In turn, LG Display has been engaged in a proprietary flexible panel project for several years. The company first started talking about them in 2012, while experimenting with folding e-books. A year later, LG announced a preproduction phase for flexible 6-inch OLED panels.


At the end of 2018, a little late by the time Samsung had previously announced the Galaxy Fold, LG filed a patent for its own scroll smartphone, the flexible screen of which folds like an ordinary paper roll. It is based on the proprietary ROLED movement. The LG smartphone has yet to be officially unveiled, but the company has used its ROLED technology to create a roll-to-roll 65-inch Signature OLED TV R, which was unveiled earlier this year.

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