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Sharp patented the TV that rolls up


While smartphones with flexible screens are conquering the electronics market more and more, other gadgets have decided to keep up. For example, Sharp has created a flexible TV that is also rolled into a roll like plain paper. For the patented gadget, the Japanese manufacturer has designed several types of stands in which the TV is hidden in a folded form.

Sharp TV is not that big by modern standards. Its diagonal is only 30 inches, however, it implements support for modern 4K resolution. To stabilize the TV, the company has made five types of stands, two of which are adapted for vertical mounting, and three more for fixing on the floor. When rolled up, the screen fits into the stand along with all the electronics.

A rolled-up TV with a flexible screen no more than 40 mm in diameter, and the weight of such a display without the stand itself and all the details is no more than 100 grams. In the unfolded position, the screen is additionally fixed by a special mechanism, which is responsible for the required degree of tension and prevents the formation of unnatural creases and other picture distortions. The TV needs less than 10 seconds to fully deploy.


Sharp has not forgotten to apply its IGZO proprietary development to the screen of the new TV. Displays with this technology, in contrast to IPS-panels, consume less energy without losing in brightness or color rendition of the image. In addition, the special structure of the IGZO panels ensured the minimum thickness of the screen of the rolling TV - only 0.5 mm.

When the Sharp TV will appear on sale, as well as its approximate cost, the company has not announced. In addition, Sharp has not yet chosen a way to promote its development - whether it will be selling under its own brand or selling patents to other manufacturers.


Despite the unusual development, Sharp was not the first manufacturer in the world to offer a roll-to-roll TV option. Before her, another brand - LG introduced its flexible TV back in early 2019. By that time, the lineup consisted of one 65-inch device with 4K support, a 178-degree view and a 120 Hz refresh rate. Unlike the competitor, LG TV can only be placed on the floor, and its screen is based on an OLED matrix.

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