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Sony foldable smartphone and IBM watch tablet


Samsung and Huawei have long been aware of the development of foldable devices. Everyone is looking forward to their official announcement. However, not only these firms are working in this direction. Enterprises such as Xiaomi, OPPO and Microsoft have also announced their ambitions in the adoption of flexible gadgets. Let's talk about the activities in this area of Sony and IBM.

Rollable Sony smartphone will be announced by the end of this year

Sony is going through hard times. Experts say working on flexible products is beyond the reach of those who can barely keep afloat. However, this company does not think so and is working on such an apparatus. In addition, it became known that he will receive a design like Nautilus. Others cannot understand even simpler constructions.


At this time, Sony cannot compete with Korean Samsung. Its concept of building mobile devices is based on the use of LCD-displays. They are not entirely suitable for flexible device designs. Another drawback in the strategy of the Japanese company is the idea of the priority of using its future flexible smartphone. They state that it will be primarily entertainment.

Experts do not think so and point out the fallacy of this opinion.

Recently, insider Max J. said that despite all the above difficulties, soon everyone will see a flexible device from Sony, equipped with a retractable roll-up display. He has long been known for his predictions about Samsung products, so his switch to news from another country was a surprise.


This gentleman claims that the Japanese will equip the above smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and an X50 modem. He will also receive a 3230 mAh battery and a camera with a tenx zoom. No other Sony device has had such a filling.

The most interesting nuance in the information distributed by Max J. is the information about the presence of the folding gadget of the Nautilus form factor. After all, it is not much different from what Samsung demonstrated several years ago.

Even more excitement was caused by the statement that Sony will launch a flexible smartphone in the series by the end of this year or early next. If this happens, then this company will once again return to the top of its former glory.

Foldable IBM clock that converts into a tablet

Recently it became known that IBM has patented a smartwatch of its production that can transform into a tablet.


The design of the product can be called strange and not practical, but worthy of attention. The image shows that this hybrid device is likely to have eight screens. They are arranged in two rows and can be folded in different sizes.

This patent was discovered by LetsGoDigital, who used it to create realistic widgets. It is clear that in the main mode, these smart watches have a more significant thickness parameter, since they have several screens in their composition.

They are supposed to be laid out in several ways, two of which show tablet sizes that are four and eight times the base size.


It is not yet clear whether there is a need to remove the watch from the hand if necessary to transform it. It is probably not very convenient to deploy a large screen on the wrist. The screens themselves are thin at first glance.

Talking about the practicality of such a gadget is not worth it due to the possible failure of the project. After all, many patents remain in the archives without movement. In addition, a company like IBM does not specialize in the manufacture of such devices.

In the patent annotation, this product is referred to as “Variable Display Size for Electronic Display”. There is nothing about the bracelet. Experts note a special display layout technology that is of interest. With the ability to adapt the screen and the ability to fold as described above, but without using a strap, it could become the prototype of a folding smartphone with a new form factor.


Due to the fashion for flexible devices, such patents appear more and more often. Most likely, their number will grow in the future. At least until other directions for the development of mobile technologies appear.

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Author: Jake Pinkman