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Inside # 12.10: charging for the HONOR V30; Tesla trucks powered by electric traction; about two Microsoft devices; folding device TCL


In this issue of insider news, we will talk about the charger for the gadget from HONOR and the prospects for the appearance of Tesla trucks on electric traction. We will also discuss the technical equipment of two Microsoft products. Let's also talk about TCL's foldable smartphone.

First 5G HONOR to Get 40W Fast Charging

After the Chinese regulator TENAA unveiled the specifications of the HONOR V30 smartphone, this device has been certified in another structure - 3C. It became known that the product will be equipped with a 40 W charger.

The current V20 series has a 22.5 W charger. Experts suggest that the increase in power indicates an increased battery capacity.


The smartphone will be announced in November. This information was confirmed by one of the developer's representatives. The device will be the first device from the company to support fifth generation networks. It will also receive an advanced Kirin 990 processor and a screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Other leaks talk about installing a quad camera on the back of the gadget and a dual selfie camera. The presence of such equipment explains the possible increase in battery capacity.

Tesla will start shipping electric trucks next year

Over the past few years, automakers have been actively developing electric cars. Tesla is thinking about creating electric trucks with an unmanned control option at this time.

Production of the first Tesla Semi was delayed by one year.


Recently, representatives of the company announced their desire to make up for lost time by starting production of such cars as early as next year. More precise details were not provided.

All of this information was obtained from the company's financial statements for the third quarter of this year. The first attempts to start production of the Tesla Semi were made last year. However, the launch of the model was delayed.

Elon Musk said in one of his interviews that his company will produce at least 100,000 electric trucks annually. How many will be produced in 2020 is not reported.

Tesla plans to develop two modifications of such machines. They will differ in battery capacity. There is information that the basic version, costing 150 thousand US dollars, will be able to cover 480 kilometers on a single charge.


Another modification, which is estimated at 180 thousand dollars, will receive an autonomy equivalent to 800 kilometers.

Both models will carry no more than 35 tons of cargo.

Microsoft devices will get a powerful camera

Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed prototypes of the Surface Duo foldable smartphone and Surface Neo tablet laptop.


Experts and users, as well as admirers of the company's products, counted on equipping these devices with modern equipment and functionality. However, the head of the division of the company Panos Panay spoke about one nuance that brings all expectations to nothing. The fact is that both products will not receive support for fifth generation networks. Here the stake is on 4G LTE.

Instead, the gadgets will be equipped with a powerful camera. The developers do not disclose its features. At the same time, they report that it will be placed above the display. They also talk about the possible combination of the functions of the front and main lenses in one device

TCL folding device

Foldable gadgets have just started to appear. Therefore, they are not without flaws. Their folding screens are fragile and their hinges are not reliable. This fully applies to two well-known models - Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. That is why the start of their official sales was delayed.

In spite of this, TCL decided to equip it with two hinge mechanisms to implement its folding device concept.


Experts associate the failures of Samsung and Huawei with the desire to make universal products that would be useful for users in the form factor of not only a tablet, but also a smartphone. Therefore, gadgets should be almost square when unfolded. This allows you to hold them in one hand.

The unfolded TCL smartphone has the shape of a rectangular 10-inch tablet. It is comfortable and ergonomic. This decision of the developers seems to be justified. They use two hinge hinges in the design, which fold towards each other.

It's like combining the Mate X and the Galaxy Fold in one device. In addition to the large screen area, one of the folds is always on the outside. It's closer to the shape of a regular smartphone.

The device is equipped with one front sensor and a main quad camera.

Experts suggest that solving the problems faced by other foldable device developers will not be the biggest challenge for TCL. The products of this company are not as popular in the world as the products of the aforementioned tech giants. Therefore, the ability to popularize a new gadget comes out on top here. The most important thing is to make it marketable.

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