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Microsoft has updated the Surface family with dual-screen gadgets


At a recent presentation, Microsoft showed interesting and even unexpected novelties of the Surface family. Among them was a Microsoft laptop in an unusual form factor, the same smartphone, professional and ordinary tablets, headphones, other laptops of the line and much more.

However, the “icing on the cake” of the whole event was the demonstration of two conceptual gadgets. It was a dual-screen laptop called Surface Neo and a Surface Duo smartphone. The device of both concepts looks like a "clamshell", on each side of which there is a separate full display. Especially for them, although not only, the company also showed a new modification of its proprietary operating system - Windows 10X, designed for devices with two screens.

Laptop with twin screens

The Microsoft Surface Concept Dual-Screen Laptop when folded is like a large aluminum notebook with an Intel processor inside. It comes with a stylus, which is magnetically attached to the back of the device, and a wireless keyboard. It can also be magnetized or applied separately.


At the same time, a Microsoft laptop may well do without a separate keyboard. To do this, the device can be opened in the usual way, while the lower screen, which will be at right angles to the upper one, will act as virtual letters and numbers. The Surface Neo can also be positioned on the table as an open book, where, for example, a webinar or an educational lecture will be broadcast on one screen, and all this can be taken on the other display. In the same location on the device, you can simply read an e-book, the pages of which will be displayed on two displays.

Such manipulations are made possible thanks to the specially configured features of Windows 10X for dual-screen gadgets. The capabilities of the modified software platform assume the launch of standard programs in a special isolated container, and not just applications from the Windows Store. At the presentation, Microsoft showed how such a system works when an application interface opened on one of the screens is manually distributed over two displays.

Smartphone with modified Android

The ideological successor to the Surface Neo concept is a smartphone with two screens - Surface Duo, which Microsoft prefers not to call a phone, considering the concept of a full-fledged Surface, only a compact format, although it accepts calls. When unfolded, the two 5.6 "screens form a total diagonal of 8.6". The smartphone runs on a modern Snapdragon 855 chipset, and the usual Android has become the operating system, supplemented by special firmware like desktop Windows 10X.


The dual-screen Microsoft smartphone bears a certain resemblance to the "big brother" Neo. Like a laptop, Surface Duo can be positioned so that the lower display becomes a keyboard on which you can type. Both Surface gadgets shouldn't be on sale until next year. Before entering the market closer to autumn 2020, the devices may still change noticeably, both externally and in terms of software and technical components.

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Author: Jake Pinkman