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Inside # 10.06: foldable smartphone from Microsoft; about 5G device Samsung; Motorola Moto E6


The round-numbered Insider Data release focuses on information and future developments from Microsoft. We will also discuss the data on the intentions of the Korean Samsung to release an inexpensive 5G smartphone. In conclusion, let's talk about the first renderings of Motorola Moto E6 that appeared on the web.

Microsoft's first Android smartphone will get a 9-inch display

For a long time, rumors have been circulating about the work of Microsoft specialists on the foldable Surface smartphone.

Last summer, this tech giant suspended a project called Andromeda, but this year the firm's specialists have patented a new folding device. This gave rise to speculations about the possibility of the company producing such a device.


Forbes today announced a small foldable Surface product in the first half of 2020. Jeff Lin, one of the IHS Markit executives, analyzed the information about the supply of components from Microsoft and concluded that this gadget will receive a display, the size of which will be 9 inches when opened.

Another official claims that the product will be equipped with a 10nm Intel Lakefield processor, it will operate on the basis of Windows 10, which will be called WCOS (Windows Core OS).


Not long ago, The Verge reported that Microsoft had already demonstrated a dual-screen Surface device inside. A video teaser was allegedly shown that gathered long lines of employees at the company's headquarters. Everyone wanted to see the novelty, codenamed Centaurus. Its body is said to be more reminiscent of the previous Microsoft Courier tablet concept.

There are no folding devices on the market at the moment. Previously, Samsung and Huawei talked about their developments. Their Galaxy Fold and Mate X are still in testing and won't start selling until this fall.

Samsung is preparing to release an inexpensive 5G smartphone

Not all users will be able to shell out over $ 1,000 for a 5G device in the future. Therefore, to popularize this type of communication, inexpensive mobile products equipped with support for this standard are needed.

The Chinese were the first to declare such a need, and recently it was realized in South Korea. From the camp of Samsung, rumors spread that it will soon announce an inexpensive 5G smartphone.

The model received the number SM-A908N. It is certified for use in next generation wireless networks. It is possible that the device will be called the Galaxy A90. At the moment it is known that the lineup of the A-series is average in the price range. Therefore, it is likely that it will become one of the first low-cost 5G devices on the market.


Also, leaks have reported that this product will be equipped with dual main camera lenses. Their resolution will be 32 and 8 megapixels. This is not impressive. In order to increase user interest in this model, the developer should probably provide some more details of its technical equipment.

At the moment, we can say that the 5G standard is still something new and unknown. He works now in a limited number of countries. Devices that support it come with a high price tag. Earlier, the Honor brand announced the development of an inexpensive 5G smartphone. However, in doing so, the company may be hindered by the sanctions it is under, as well as its parent company Huawei.

Therefore, at this stage, Samsung is in a favorable situation, whose Galaxy A90 may become one of the most popular.

First images of Moto E6 posted on the Internet

The first high-quality images of the budget smartphone Motorola Moto E6 appeared on the pages of the SlashLeaks portal, the work on which became known back in April this year.


Based on the analysis of the photo, this gadget should be attributed to smartphones in the budget segment. It has wide bezels, a plastic body and a single-lens main camera.

It was previously claimed that it will be powered by a Snapdragon 430 processor with 2GB of RAM. The screen of the product has a diagonal of 5.45 inches, its resolution is 1440 x 720 pixels. Before that, details of a more advanced version of the Moto E6 Plus appeared on the network.

How much these smartphones will cost and their release date are not known.

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