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How Dreams Designer Will Change Video Games


The virtual Dreams construction set has been released on PS4 this month. And this is not just a game, but literally a constructor for everything. With Dreams, you can create realistic art, models, sound editing software, your own games, and much more. And the thing is that Dreams is the simplest and most popular engine. Many people who participated in closed testing are now sharing ambitious projects, such as Fallout: 4 Dreams Edition or a remake of the first MGS. We decided to take a look at how Dreams will change games as part of our 5 Reasons to Play Dreams post.

Opportunities for everyone

First off, Dreams is a PlayStation 4 exclusive from Media Molecule, creators of LittleBigPlanet.

The main feature of the constructor is that it is a game engine on which you can launch and create any projects, giving access to them to all users within the ecosystem.

The Builder also allows you to share pre-built game assets with other people, just like Unity does, so that makes Dreams even easier.

You can download sound effects from your PC and transfer them to PlayStation to use in your project. But the best part about creating is that you don't have to do any programming at all.


The developers themselves compare their creation with a pencil and a piano. In their opinion, it was these two tools that gave people the greatest freedom of creativity, and, most importantly, the ability to create without certain knowledge. They are easy to learn and even if you don’t know how to draw or play, anyone can draw a picture or press keys in such order to make a pleasant sound.

I am leading to the fact that you get your hands on a universal tool for creating something, absolutely not needing technical knowledge. Therefore, if you have been waiting for a game for a very long time, but no one releases it, everything is in your hands. Just be aware of the fact that you can now create your own Half Life 3! Take a look at examples of game remakes that fans have already recreated in Dreams and realize how awesome the tool has gone to the masses.

Even more seductive is the fact that it is highly likely that the game will be released on the PC if the fanbase grows. This is what developers promise.

Free publication

Recently, in an interview with, the studio's artistic director, Karim Ettuni, revealed that Media Molecule wants players to be able to publish any games or artwork they create outside of the Sony platform and ecosystem.


“We already have a commercial license, which means that when you create something in Dreams, you can apply for a commercial license to create ... And then everything you do in the constructor remains yours , and you are free to use the project for commercial purposes outside of Dreams "- said Karim Ettuni.

A little later, another studio representative said that in fact, the game does not have a commercial license yet, but they are working on implementing this idea.

“Export options are very limited at the moment, but we have long-term plans to enable users to fully export a single game from Dreams to other devices and beyond.


But the first step is to show the intent that we use this commercial concept from the very beginning, which means that everything you do in Dreams belongs to you. People in the Dreams community are already using the game to do graphic designs, album covers, cartoons, games and the like. Using it for my portfolios and interviews, ”says Ettuni.

As one of the co-founders of Media Molecule for The New Yorker said:

“We want people to invent new genres and new brands. A Sony spokesperson told me via email that the company is not yet able to comment on this, but that employees are constantly monitoring what people are creating and are working closely with our team on legal and business issues. ”

And Sony is watching the designer for a reason, as there is a conflict between the generosity of the creators and the vigilance of corporations, which clearly will not be happy if users start creating projects for their franchises.

Just remember one of any occasions when Nintendo mercilessly shut down innocuous fan projects related to their games. As one VICE reporter said in a piece similar to this:

"Unfortunately, Dreams is a constructor for making everything, but nothing of your own." But if the studio resolves this issue, something completely new awaits us.

Although if we are talking about original products, then I think such dreams are quite real.

What awaits us with Dreams?

Now I will be a futurist, but I will predict not so distant future, or rather even the present. What starts to happen. My guess is that Dreams will nudge enthusiasts into creating exciting new projects that will rival the famous Indian games (and even more so if they can be exported). I am sure that with the release of the project on the PC there will be even more teams developing games, films or entire programs based on Dreams. I think we will see Dreams used in a wide variety of areas.


Of course, we are waiting for a lot of walk-through products from people who cannot implement everything as it looks in their heads. We are in for something similar to what it did with Steam, when it allowed users to list projects in the store for a fixed fee.

And yes, the usual indie projects will not go anywhere, but the ranks of independent development teams will be replenished with talents who have used Dreams as a training ground, proving both themselves and others that they can be in game development.

This is a pretty good perspective for me, albeit with some downsides. To some extent, Dreams is a generator of an endless stream of media that opens the door to the industry for a huge number of people.

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Author: Jake Pinkman