Unreal Engine 5 in Dreams, AC: Valhalla will not grind, Gamescom 2020 date - gaming news digest # 3.05. Part one (Topic)

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Unreal Engine 5 in Dreams, AC: Valhalla will not grind, Gamescom 2020 date - gaming news digest # 3.05. Part one


Also in the news: mega-sale in EGS, Fallout: New Vegas powered by Fallout 4, skaters in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 will be 20 years older than the original.

An excerpt from the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo has been recreated in Dreams

Last week Epic Games showed us a playable technology demo based on its new Unreal Engine 5, taking full advantage of its new features. It was a new challenge for craftsmen to make crafts in Dreams. So, the developer Martin Nebelong recreated part of the location from the Lumen in the Land of Nanite techno demo in Dreams.

The developer also sarcastically joked that Epic Games boasts of its technology capable of creating millions of polygons when the brainchild of Media Molecule does not use them at all. As an alternative, Dreams uses signed distance field technology.

It took Martin only two hours to create the location, and most importantly, it takes several kilobytes, in contrast to the high-poly and "heavy" creation of Epic Games. Martin himself works as a freelancer at Media Molecule, so he is very familiar with the structure of this unusual engine.

Attaching a time-lapse where the author creates the same location.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla will not have grinding, but it does have other mechanics

In his interview with Kotaku on Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Creative Project Leader Ashraf Ishmael revealed even more new details about the game. So, the best news is that in the game the grind is reduced to a minimum, but first things first.


  • Missies are built to play differently, and in many you can avoid bloodshed. This will lead to the fact that you expand the ranks of your allies.
  • During development, the authors of the game try to make it so that you can complete the main campaign without resorting to grinding or performing side effects. Regarding post-release monetization remains to be seen, but Ashraf claims that the game itself consists of each of its coins.
  • The developers try to make all the locations created by hand as diverse as possible in order to avoid monotony in the gameplay and the players wanted to go around the entire map without missing anything. It is full of hiding places, puzzles and secrets. Izmail did not say anything about the size of the map, saying that it makes no sense to compare the current map with the previous one, since its content, and not the size, will play the main role.
  • The studio consults with historians not only on how the Viking raids and colonization of new lands went on, but also on the assimilation of the Norse people among the British and their gradual loss of their culture. As for your settlement, developers try to make all NPCs diverse with their own characters and goals. As the head of the village, Eyvor will face many challenges as the settlement develops.
  • Game controls will be similar to Odyssey and Origins and their combat system with gamepad triggers. Of the changes, only a new tool selector awaits us.
  • Many of Valhalla's rumors turned out to be true. One of the few that has not yet been confirmed is battles with the Scandinavian gods. However, Ishmael declined to comment on them.

Gamescom 2020 will be held from 27 to 33 August

The fact that Gamescom 2020 will be held online has become clear for a long time, but the question is "when?" remained undisclosed for a long time. The organizers have finally decided on the dates this week. Gamescom 2020 online exhibition will be held from 27 to 30 August.


It will be opened by The Game Awards and Summer Game Fest organizer Jeff Keely. We are promised both new formats and already familiar ones. For example, among the events there is an Awesome Indies show where they will talk about indie games; The Daily Show is dedicated to interviews with developers, as well as stories about each day of Gamescom 2020; Best of Show - summing up.

Mega-Sale Started at EGS

EGS continues to try to conquer the market. This time, there is a new mega-sale that started on May 14th and will run until June 11th. All this time there are very attractive discounts in the store. You can also get a 650 rubles coupon, which can be applied both to games with active discounts and in the future after the end of the sale.


Coupons can be applied to games and DLCs. The first one can be obtained for free by simply going to your page using this link. A new coupon can be obtained if applied to a game that costs from 899 rubles. Only one specific game counts, not several.

The coupons are valid until November 1, so you can still apply it, for example, to Cyberpunk 2077, which will be released on September 17.

New video from Fallout 4: New Vegas

Fallout 4: New Vegas is a modding project where a group of enterprising people brings Fallout: New Vegas to the Fallout 4 engine. The project is ambitious to the point that fans had to completely re-dub the game to avoid problems with Bethesda's lawyers.

In a new excerpt, we are shown the moment of the Courier's meeting with Oliver Swenik, the winner of the lottery in Nipton. According to the plot, Caesar's Legion attacked the city and arranged a lottery among the inhabitants: the winner will survive, the rest will die in agony. Oliver is the lucky one.

Fallout 4: New Vegas has been around since 2017. This is the second attempt to transfer the game. Before that, another group of modders was doing this, but something went wrong and they canceled development.

In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2, all skaters will age 20 years

In the remake of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2, all the famous skaters who appeared in the original game will be available, but with one caveat. Since 20 years have passed between the release of the original games and the remake, they will also be 20 years older.

This was shared by Kotaku. According to them, the developers invited all the skateboard masters to their studio and re-scanned their appearance. Therefore, now instead of young skaters, we will play for their versions with an aged face and wrinkles.

For example, Tony Hawk himself is already 52 - the game was announced on his birthday. All other skateboarders in the game are about the same. The youngest member, Chad Muskas, is now 44 years old.

As a reminder, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 will be released on September 4th on all current platforms.

These were all the important news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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