Updated Mafia 2, breakfast of dreams in Dreams, last year's bread in STALKER 2 - game news digest from Cadelta # 1.01. Part one (Topic)

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Updated Mafia 2, breakfast of dreams in Dreams, last year's bread in STALKER 2 - game news digest from Cadelta # 1.01. Part one


Also our first digest this year will feature new content in the Doki Doki Literature Club! and the fan-made EarthBound follow-up, Oddity.

Modder updated graphics in Mafia 2

And we'll start with our favorite heading "your own developer". Open-world games in the setting of America in the 50s can be counted on one hand, Mafia 2 is one of them. Although the game was released 10 years ago, it still looks delicious. Modder QTmodz decided to make it even more delicious and tweaked its texture quality, lighting and improved weather conditions in his modification Old Time Reality.


In addition to improving the quality of the environment textures, the mod adds all seasons of the year and the corresponding weather conditions to the game. The weather in missions has been changed, its new options have been added, such as cloudy, cloudy and blind rain. The modder also introduced new lighting in buildings and in open areas, updated post-processing and relocated the camera. Not without gameplay fixes, albeit not as significant: the weapon holds more cartridges, and the police have become a little smarter.

This is currently only a beta version of the mod. According to the creator, the next update will bring even more improvements. You can download the mod on Nexus Mods. To install, you need to transfer the mod to the game folder with the replacement of documents.

Dreams Constructor went gold. It also created a dream breakfast

Studio Media Molecule, which gave us LittleBigPlanet, announced that their designer of all Dreams for PS4 has gone gold. Now it remains to wait for the release on February 14.

Prior to that, he was in Early Access from April to December 2019, and the community had time to have fun with him. For example, someone made a self-made motion capture, while others created the best English breakfast in the world with it.


Media Molecule Senior Designer John Beach entered a joke competition to create the most visually delicious and detailed English breakfast based on Dreams. Among all the participants, he was able to create the most delicious breakfast consisting of croutons, beans, eggs, tomatoes and gil mushrooms. Not only was he able to make the most delicious picture, he also added the appropriate environment: table, forks, spices, etc.


As Beach says, a breakfast like this takes a lot of perseverance to achieve this level of detail, but it's not overwhelmingly difficult for any user of the builder. You just need to be very familiar with its tools.

STALKER 2 will run on Unreal Engine 4

Studio GSC Game World, as promised, began to supply us this year with information about STALKER 2. To begin with, the developers confirmed that the game will run on Unreal Engine 4. According to the creators, they chose it because it supports modifications that the developers believe are part of the culture of the series. The modern community still maintains the studio's past games and adds new details to them. The studio emphasizes that the choice of this engine has nothing to do with deals with Epic Games, and the game will not be exclusive to their store. When and where the game will be sold - it's still too early to say.


The owners announced that the engine would become available to developers just on New Year's Eve, which made GSC Game World a good surprise. There are no other details yet, not even screenshots or concept art. The only thing that was shown to us is, as the developers themselves say, "last year's bread" from STALKER 2 on Unreal Engine 4.

This year at the Doki Doki Literature Club! new content will appear

The Doki Doki Literature Club !, a horror visual novel about anime girls invading your life, will receive new content this year based on the game.

This was announced by the game's author Dan Salvato. What exactly awaits us, he did not tell, but notes that this is not a sequel. But it can be anything from an extended version of the game to a comic book based on it.


Salvato also said that the quote: "will blow the dust off his new novel", which languishes in anticipation for two years, and the Doki Doki Literature Club itself! going to port to mobiles and consoles.

Teaser for Oddity, a fan-made sequel to the cult EarthBound that has grown into an independent project

EarthBound is Nintendo's iconic JRPG series. She has served as an inspiration for many developers, such as Toby Fox, creator of Undertale. The series consists of three games, while only one of them came out in the West [the other came out only 26 years after the release in Japan, and the third just bypassed us].

But even so, the game has a large Western fanbase. The last game came out in 2006 and neither the developer nor the publisher had any plans to pursue a sequel. Therefore, the fans, as is often the case recently, took matters into their own hands, and since 2010 have been developing EarthBound 4 - an unofficial sequel.

The game was planned to be released in 2014, but again according to the classics of fan game projects - development dragged on, and also received a new name - Oddity. All in order not to get a slap in the face from Nintendo, who do not like fan projects for their games, and are always trying to cover them up.

Now, the unofficial sequel has turned into a standalone project that will be sold. And from the original game, she has only the roots of inspiration, which can be clearly seen in the recent teaser.

Oddity has been described as "a surreal 70s RPG about the road trip of a group of high-stakes freaks." The main character is the boy Travis Fields. He will have to deal with the demons that have flooded this world and the society of "modern people", kidnapping people.

Release date, once again in the classics of fan projects: "when the game is ready then it will be released."

These were all the top news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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