Jedi Controller, Steam Remote Together, Game of the Year Nominees - This week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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Jedi Controller, Steam Remote Together, Game of the Year Nominees - This week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part two


Also in the news: RDR 2 graphics patch on PC, Broken Lies and more aliens in Alien Isolation.

Gamer created an authentic Jedi controller for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from a toy lightsaber

Dilene Beke is a streamer who from time to time creates insane controllers for games. So, last month he distinguished himself with a homemade interactive goose costume for controlling a character in Untitled Goose Game.


This time around, a splash of creativity comes from EA's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. For this, Dilene built a controller out of a toy lightsaber and a mitt. The sword is an old toy, into which he stuffed the sensors, attached a stick to it to control the camera, and added LEDs on the sides that light up when the lightsaber is activated. The Gauntlet of Strength is a normal gauge gauntlet that activates Kael's strength skills when Becke uses certain movements.

Remote Play Together has been added to Steam, discounts for all games that support it

In early October, Steam began testing the Remote Play Together system, a feature that allows online play with local multiplayer. The public beta test lasted only one month and Valve released the feature to the public.


In short, Remote Play Together emulates the game on one device using streaming. This way you will broadcast your image and sounds to your friends and can play together games that do not support online multiplayer, such as Cuphead. However, the game can only work if it is purchased in incentive, a third-party product added to the library will not work.

In honor of the launch of Remote Play Together on Steam, a sale has started for games that support this feature.

Game of the Year Nominees Ahead of The Game Awards

Next month, Los Angeles will host the annual The Game Awards. Scene veteran and unchanging host Jeff Keely has announced the nominees for Game of the Year. Open voting is already available.

You can vote for your favorite game on the event website. There you can also see all the nominations and applicants. However, besides the users, the winners are also chosen by the jury of The Game Awards.


The awards ceremony itself will take place on the night of December 12-13, and according to the classics, new announcements or other amenities from the world of the gaming industry will be waiting for us on its stage.

We will not describe all the nominations, but we will mention the main contenders. So, for the title of the game of the year will fight:

  • Death Stranding
  • The Outer Worlds
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

Fremrate Diet: A patch has been released for RDR 2 that brought Arthur's metabolism back to normal

During the release of RDR 2 on PC, players discovered that the weight of the protagonist is directly related to the frame rate. The higher it is, the thinner the main character. Rockstar has released a patch that has put Morgan's metabolism in order, both singleplayer and online. He also tweaked other things in the game as well.

For example, it fixes bugs related to the power of four and six-core processors, matchmaking, problems with custom graphics settings and numerous crashes. Disappeared and the inscription "Read Dead Redemption 2 was unexpectedly terminated", which has already scattered into memes. The studio also offers to install a new driver for owners of NVIDIA video cards.

Broken Lies gameplay - non-linear story about World War II

Broken Lies is a tactical RPG that tells an alternate history of World War II. The developer, Danish studio PortaPlay showed us a gameplay trailer for the game.

In the story, a plane with our squadron crashes in the center of Europe, and now we need to survive. Each member of our squad has unique character traits. So, one wants to fight the enemy face to face, while the other wants to attack only in the rear.

Particular emphasis will be placed on difficult moral choices that will lead you to one of several endings. All your decisions will also have consequences, for example, your team may split up or someone will take the path of desertion.

In gameplay, the game is like a tactic like XCOM or Commandos. However, there are still differences - the combat system dilutes the usual tactical mechanics. The fight is not turn-based, but divided into phases. Initially, in pause mode, the player fully thinks about the attack and issues instructions. This is followed by a real-time battle of eight seconds.

The combat system includes suppression fire and destructible environments. Outside the battle, we have camp management and pumping. If a character dies, then he will not return - this is forever.

The game will be released on PC on Steam and GOG in 2020 , as well as on PS4, XOne and Nintendo Switch.

More Aliens needed !: Modder creates a mod that will add several Aliens to Alien Isolation

One Alien in Alien Isolation is already giving you a lot of problems. However, for those who thought it was not enough, modder Matt Feiler releases a mod that adds several xenomorphs to the game.

The mod received a very laconic name Aliens Isolation. As a presentation, the modder posted a video on You Tube where the main character is being chased by eight Aliens at once.

Eurogame talked to the craftsman. Matt told the publication that there is no Alien limit in fashion. You can add them until your system is no longer able to handle it. Hmmm, I think this is a great opportunity to measure the power of the gaming system in the number of Aliens.

Now the mod simply replaces all NPCs with xenomorphs, but the author is busy studying the architecture of the engine in order to launch the ability to spawn them at any time. However, in fashion, Aliens will not be so smart - all for the sake of balance, because hiding from one smart alien is already difficult, and even more so from a horde. The mod has no release date yet.

This was all weekend news, stay tuned.

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