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Everything We Know About Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was probably one of the nicest games in all of E3, but there was little information available about it back then. Now, thanks to the great interest of the public, enough information about the project has accumulated to systematize them. We recently shared the facts from Star Wars Jedi, and today, relying on PC Gamer, we will analyze everything we know about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

The story of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order unfolds after Revenge of the Sith

Cal Castis, played by Cameron Monaghan, best known for his role in the TV series Gotham, is a powerful and budding Jedi. He survived the attack of the infamous Order 66, but is on the run until he has to open up and use the Force. After that, the Second Sister begins to hunt him. No, not the Seventh Sister from the Clone Wars, but definitely also an Imperial Inquisitor who hunts and exterminates the Jedi. According to Respawn's Vince Zampela, she is strong enough to be a challenging and dangerous foe for Cal.

“Many Star Wars fans, like us in principle, are interested in this dark period of a galaxy far, far away, and would like to study this dangerous time in more detail,” says Stig Asumssen, head of development for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, who previously worked on the God Of War series - “The LucasFilm team were great colleagues, always helping us work through and explore the time when the Empire is at its peak, and all Jedi are forced to hide. Within this setting, we created a system of intense yet thoughtful combat using the Force and lightsaber to allow everyone to fulfill their dream of being a true Jedi.


We also learned that we will first meet Cal at Brakka, one of several new worlds that Respawn wants to bring to the Star Wars universe. Together with the main character, we will get acquainted with a bunch of new characters, for example with the "mysterious companion" Cere, but also Cal will have a robot assistant BD-1. He can always throw a first aid kit to the hero, scan the area or get to a place that is too small for the protagonist.

Cere has been confirmed to be a former Jedi Knight, however we are not sure if she left the Jedi Order before or after joining Order 66.


Purge Troopers will also hunt Cal. These guys are an early version of the Dark Soldiers we saw in Rogue One, but they'll fight with the same shock sticks we saw in the Clone Wars.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay is harder in terms of battles

Respawn wants you to know that they love lightsaber combat as much as you do. The developer calls combat thoughtful, easy to learn, and fun enough to go from novice to close combat master.

Players will use different combinations of attacks to develop their own style of Jedi combat, thanks to the innovative system of combining the lightsaber and the Force. Players can use force to bypass or deal with enemies more effectively, and use it to solve puzzles.


According to Respawn, it's not just Cal who will grow. Your lightsaber evolves on its own over the course of the game, although there are few details on what this means. Perhaps it will be similar to what we saw in Force Unleashed, where you could use cyber crystals to improve and costemize your lightsaber - this game will also have the ability to change its color.

This is all cool, but your lightsaber won't dismember enemies

This is a bit sad, because in past Star Wars Jedi games we were able to break through enemies, exfoliating them like butter. Unfortunately, recent gameplay on IGN made it clear to us that something like this shouldn't be expected in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. However, this only applies to humans, and it is still possible to shred robots or hostile spiders. Therefore, we still have time to enjoy this process.


Strength includes push, slow-mo and the ability to pull enemies

Like the classic Star Wars games, we can pull in and push off enemies. So, you can easily pierce an enemy by pulling it directly onto the blade of your lightsaber. However, thanks to the ability to slow down time, you can be more violent. So, when the enemy shoots, you slow down time and pull it into your own shot.


The developer has confirmed that the arsenal of the Force will be much larger than three, but the rest are still a secret.

There will be no mechanics of choosing the light and dark side of the force

Usually, when you play as a Jedi in games for this franchise, you always have a choice of which side of the power to switch to. In Fallen Order, it looks like Cal will always be on the bright side. In addition, this was confirmed by Vince Zamplema and Stig Asmussen themselves. According to them, this is due to the fact that the game is linear and such elections could turn it into an unfinished roller coaster. In other words, the plot paths are not suitable for her.


The game will not have an open world, but a lot of battles, puzzles and exploration elements

The game world will not be completely open. His description says that you yourself will decide where to go and how to go, with the ability to cross different levels as you wish. In addition, the Force will open up new opportunities for you to explore. It is worth waiting for the abundance of puzzles and tasks for which we need it.

Journalists point out that the game will have backtracking like in Metroid, and secrets in the spirit of Dark Souls. As the journalist of the edition noted at E3: “They kicked my ass a lot, and I fled to restore my health with the local equivalent of Estus. As a result, it turned out that I could just avoid this fight ... "


It's just that there are areas in the game that you can bypass, and some are blocked or too dangerous, and you will return there only after you level up.

Your ship serves as the local fire from Dark Souls

On each planet, you can always return to your ship, where you can restore your strength, save the game and upgrade new abilities. There are also mini-saves in the world, but they can revive enemies in the level if used.

Your healing abilities are similar to those of Dark Souls. Your drone has several first aid kits that can only be refilled on the ship while saving. In the future, it is possible to increase the number of first aid kits carried by BD - 1


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a single player without loot boxes and microtransactions

We already knew that the game was single, but producer Blair Brown recalled this. He made a statement in a tweet post, emphasizing that there will definitely not be microtransactions in the game. Are we waiting for a good, modern Star Wars game without donation? Well, we'll see soon.

At the moment, no DLC for the game is even foreseen, although EA has already offered us a number of cosmetic improvements and bonuses for those who pre-order.


Also, Chris Avellone, who worked on KOTOR 2, confirmed that he collaborated with Respawn on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Many others in the studio have also had experience with games in the franchise.

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