The neural network pumped KOTOR, Kratos could be called Stig, details about Borderlands 3 with Guarding Con - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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The neural network pumped KOTOR, Kratos could be called Stig, details about Borderlands 3 with Guarding Con - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one


Also in today's digest: 13 minutes of Control, new project art from the creator of Limbo and Inside, new trailer for Persona 5 Royal.

Neuroset has pumped up graphics in Knight Of The old Republic

You may have already heard about a neural network called ESRGAN, which tweaks the textures of old games, such as the first Max Payne. The modder Red11BY used her abilities to improve the character models of the famous and beloved RPG KOTOR series.


He gave the neural networks to handle the texture of all characters, including aliens and robots, as well as all kinds of equipment. So, the neural network was able to raise their resolution to 2048 by 2048.


However, modernization warned that the neural network is not cool enough to make the textures correct, and some of them may not look the way they should.


The modification can be downloaded here.

Kratos could have been named after Stig Asmussen, the current head of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order development

Coverage of the new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Game Informer dug up an interesting fact about the past game director of the project Stig Asmussen, who previously worked on all parts of God Of War except the last.

Stig said in an interview with the publication that when developing the very first God Of War, his name was on the list of potential names for a God of War.


According to him, for a long time Kratos had a name in Dominus, but the marketing department was against this option. Many employees suggested their options and put them on the list. Asmussen signed his own ideas with his own name. However, marketers misunderstood it and included the name Stig in the potential variants, as it was cool and rather rare.

Jokingly, the developer says that he was not against such an outcome of events, but the choice was made in favor of Kratos, since the name Stig would be more suitable for a Scandinavian God than a Greek one.

In the same interview, he recalled that the game was originally called Dark Odyssey. But again, the notorious marketers did not like it, as it was, the quote: “too clever and the players would not understand.”

By the way, we already wrote that we chose the name by accident, blindly pulling one of several options out of the hat.

Apex Legends-Like Tags and Other Social Features - New Borderlands 3 Details

At Guarding Con, Borderlands 3 developers shared new information on social features of their game.

Gearbox wants their game to be fun for both singles and groups of players playing as a team with strangers. To make it easier for them to communicate, the game introduced a tagging system like in Apex Legends. You can use it to leave pointers on your mini map.

Interacting with friends is possible not only in the game, but for example, you can send them in-game loot by mail, and through the list of friends, study the inventory of your companions, their pumping and tests.


Also presented at Guarding Con is the second version of ECHOcast - an extension for Twitch that connects the streaming service and your version of the game.

The second version will get support for smartphones and give subscribers bonuses. They increase your chances of receiving a gift while watching streams. Most interestingly, thanks to the Twich Bits function, viewers of the stream can mix cocktails for the player's characters, which give certain penalties or bonuses.

And finally, the Badass Viewer Event feature will allow viewers to summon a monster to the streamer's game. He can be named after one of the onlookers and customize his behavior.

Arrival at the Control Bureau - Control Gameplay

IGN has started a month dedicated to Control. Throughout July, they will publish exclusive materials about the game. And they started by showing the beginning of the game.

In the 13-minute gameplay video, you can see the prologue of the game, where Jesse arrives at FBK [no, not at Navalny's headquarters, but at the Federal Bureau of Control], an organization that investigates the paranormal. In the prologue, we meet many of the characters.

The game takes place in the FBK headquarters, the so-called Oldest House. Strange hissing signals appear in it, distorting reality. They showed us how Jesse enters the Astral - consider this a local location for leveling and training.

Recall that the release of the game is scheduled for August 27.

Dark buildings and hopelessness - new project art from the creators of Limbo and Inside

Studio Playdead does not often please us with information about their future games. Although they publish time and time about the art of their new project, and thanks for that.


The name of the studio's new game is still unknown, but a kind of space setting awaits us. The game is going to be bigger than the studio's previous projects, and it will move completely from 2D to 3D.


And of course, we don't have any details about the release date either. According to the creators, the development period will take as long as it takes.


New Persona 5 Royal Trailer Reveals Anne's In-Game Role

In the Persona 5 Royal trailer, we were shown new scenes, as well as a special attack that will appear in the game.

Persona 5 Royal is an expanded version of the original game with new quests, characters, and other bonus content. In Japan, the game will be released this year in October. It will creep to us only in 2020.

The Royal version of the game has added a new character, Kasumi Yoshizawa. The trailer also showcases additional content for Ann, one of the ghost thieves. For example, the new comic attack by Ann and Morgana, where they seduce the enemy in order to then viciously attack.

We were also shown new activities and Ann's room.

These were all the important news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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