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Dreams Are Real: 5 Reasons to Play Dreams


Dreams in USA is one of the most unusual and at the same time ambitious game projects in recent years. A game that is cramped in any genre. In Dreams we have both a social network and an archive of thousands of user developments and, in fact, a real game engine, which gives almost unlimited scope for creating game dreams. It is due to the unusual concept that the new project Media Molecule is so difficult to advise anyone. However, if you have already started to look closely at the game, but you still have doubts, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our material, where, in order of importance, we will tell you about 5 reasons to play Dreams.

1. Realize your dreams

Yes, we know, the first reason sounds too pretentious, but it best reflects the main goal that the developers pursued when creating Dreams - to give the gamer the widest possible toolkit so as not to limit his creative impulses and to allow the implementation of games that were before Dreams could only exist in the form of unrealizable fantasies. Of course, no one bothers to master the free versions of Unity or Unreal Engine 4, creating something playable with their help. But let's face it - most people are dizzy with just the thought of having to understand the basics of game development on modern engines.

"Dreaming" on PS4 elegantly solves this problem by presenting the art of game development in the most accessible manner. Even training in Dreams is served in a playful way, which, together with a bright visual shell and unnecessary coding, sets you up for a creative mood from the very first minutes. And then there comes a moment of jubilation and emotion in the style of "Eureka!" or "It's alive!" when the messy picture you've created begins to come to life. Perhaps this is the best that Dreams can give. In addition, the creation of Media Molecule does not try to drive creative thinking into a framework and, in addition to developing games, offers to create music or any works of visual art: from touching cartoons to surreal art objects.

Dreams ps4 game

Dreams is a game primarily for hardworking people who do not mind giving tens or even hundreds of hours of their lives for the sake of realizing their creative ambitions. But note that the best creators, in addition to satisfying the ego, in theory, have a chance to make real money for their efforts. So far, these are only plans, but in the future Sony wants to select the best dreams of users and sell them on PSN, deducting a percentage of the content creators. Isn't that another reason to play Dreams?

2. Travel through other people's dreams

Does the idea of creating games not excite, and the very idea that you have to buy Dreams for 2600 rubles, and then also have to create content for it, seems utter absurdity? It's okay, in this case "Dreams" can act as an almost unlimited catalog of games. In more than a year of open access, Dreams has literally thousands of custom creations that showcase the power of the game engine in all its beauty. Of course, the numerous crafts of the players represent an unfinished and meaningless thing, but there are enough of those that naturally surprise with the sophistication, diligence and creativity of gamers. Especially when you know from your own experience what hard work is behind such work.

In order not to be unfounded, here are some interesting custom games in Dreams:

Inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Spyro open world game. An impressive piece that contains a puzzle-rich world with the ability to travel on foot or by helicopter and motorcycle.

Recreated models and locations from Fallout 4, importing sounds and music from the original game.

Several small game pieces: Dead Space remake, Quake-style shooter, noir detective, superhero simulator.

Not a game, but a great example of the detail that Dreams can achieve.

Let's be honest, even if such projects impress with the amount of effort expended and the capabilities of "Dreams", they are unlikely to be a worthy replacement for standard games on consoles. But, as it seems to us, everything is not so simple and with the increase in popularity, Dreams can become a platform for the emergence of really worthy projects, especially if Sony decides to reward the best content creators with cash bonuses. Dreams has a potential, it's up to users.

3. Art's Dreams

The most important acquisition of the release version of Dreams is a tiny but absolutely amazing story campaign from Media Molecule themselves called "Dreams of Art". If you are familiar with previous projects of the developers, be it Little Big Planet or Tearaway, you can count on a similar flow of creativity and unusual ideas in "Dreams of Art". A short three-hour game invites you to plunge into the story of the dreams of the melancholic jazz musician Art, who manages to in a short period of time touch upon topical issues from the adult world in a metaphorical manner, without forgetting to defuse the atmosphere with good jokes. Let us also note the pertinent surrealism of what is happening, which, however, is expected from a game based on human dreams.

ps4 Dreaming game

When developing "Dreams of Art", the developers pursued two goals at once: to add an additional item to the list of reasons to buy Dreams, and also to demonstrate the capabilities of the game engine. As a result, "Dreams of Art" can boast of an impressive variety of both visual style, combining deliberately realistic levels and phantasmagoric locations with kawaii creatures, as well as a rich coverage of genres. At another moment, Art's Dream pretends to be a classic quest with point-and-click puzzles and dialogues, and at another it pretends to be a three-dimensional platformer with a break for an isometric shooter. We admit that even if "Dreams of Arta" were released separately from Dreams, the game would obviously not have gone unnoticed.

4. Trainer for the development of creativity

Like any project aimed at creating unique content, working with the Dreams toolkit can serve as both a simulator for the development of creative abilities and be used to keep the brain in good shape. As you know, any form of creativity has a positive effect on cognitive abilities, and therefore it is possible, without a twinge of conscience, to consider the time spent in the editor of "Dreams" useful. Especially when you are trying to create something unique in Dreams, for example, set up unique animations or write logic for the behavior of characters in dozens of interconnected flowcharts. At such moments, if you listen, you can hear the creak of barely moving gears in your brain.

Dreams ps4 game buy

Creation of games in Dreams can be of particular benefit for children. To become another Minecraft and to the same extent to spur the younger generation to creativity, "Dreams" is unlikely to succeed due to more complex tools, but you should not write off the game. The main advantage of the engine lies in its scalability and variable approach to the implementation of tasks. Even creating the simplest levels can introduce a child to the principles of algorithms and the basics of programming, as well as serve as a good training in spatial thinking.

5. Become a part of the social network

Media Molecule's ambitions go beyond the development of tools for creating games, in reality Dreams is a much larger project, an entire social network that runs on PS4 and separately in a browser. It is she who becomes the last important reason to play Dreams. The ability to like, write comments, follow different users or find new hits in the Trends tab are useful tools for interacting with the community, which turned out to be one of the nicest surprises of Dreams on PS4 to test.

Dreams ps4 game levels

The Dreams user community is surprisingly friendly and rarely stingy with compliments or comforting likes, even if you upload your first, untidy level, which, frankly, would hardly have received approval from anyone else other than yours otherwise. grandmothers. This is what captivates, motivates to create new creations or spend more time in DreamSurfing mode, looking for and rewarding with likes new dreams of players, among which there are sure to be several small masterpieces. In addition, do not forget that it is not necessary to dream alone. Dreams allows you to create games in co-op with other players, which opens up a completely different approach to creativity.

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