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15 Cool Games and Dreams Creations To Watch Out For


Every journey into the depths of Dreams custom creations is like trying to put your hand in a wizard's hat - you never know what amazing wonders and surprises you can find. So we were once again surprised by the creativity of gamers and the capabilities of the game engine, so we hasten to present a selection of cool games and creations in Dreams. You should pay attention to them for at least two reasons - to recharge yourself with motivation to create personal creations in "Dreams", or just find something to do in the game, if your soul does not lie in creativity.

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Tiny Pier Simulator 1904

15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

Tiny Pier Simulator 1904 is another proof that there are practically no impossible tasks for the Dreams engine. How about a small amusement park management simulator located at the marina? No problem!. Fascinating gameplay and micromanagement are available, which, together with the starting cutscene and a user-friendly interface, gives the impression of a modest-sized, but generally completely finished game.

Hat Kid's Summer Vacation Dream: Open World Edition

15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

This creation by giant585dark has become a minor hit on the social network. It's hard to imagine how long it took a player to create the creation, but the final result is impressive. This is the first full-fledged open-world game created using the Dreams toolkit. Of course, the size of RDR 2 is not worth waiting for, the world of Hat Kid's Summer Vacation Dream is relatively small, which is greatly compensated by its richness: dozens of puzzles, several types of transport and additional activities, among which we separately mention fishing.


15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

Of course, we couldn't ignore the remake of the playable Sillent Hills teaser called PT. User lewisc729, using the remake as an example, perfectly proved the scalability of Dreams technologies, which, if desired, will allow you to create horror in realistic scenery, where clear textures and modern lighting model are as important for immersion in the gameplay as a galaxy of frightening sounds.

Disneyland Resort

15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

Game Dreams on PS4 has one important feature that is great for creating really large-scale levels and games - the ability to practice the same "dreams" together with several players at once. And even with three people working on Disneyland Resort, it took enthusiasts more than 6 months to create a game version of Disneyland. As you might expect, the level offers a free guided tour of the world's most famous amusement park with several working rides available for NPC interaction and official music.

Untitled Space Opera

15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

Most of the creations in Dreams focus on gameplay or showcase the capabilities of the graphics engine, but only in exceptional cases are built around a gripping story. Untitled Space Opera refers precisely to plot-oriented dreams, but here it is not without a few "buts". Most importantly, the project is still at an early stage, but the potential is already visible, and if the creator continues to work on the game and the narrative component, an extremely intriguing space journey awaits us.


15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

In addition to creating games, the Playstation 4's Dreaming engine has been used with great success to render various creative installations and art objects that rarely offer any kind of gameplay. GL / TCH-R DEMO-SCENE can also be attributed to this category, the passage of which takes several minutes, the gameplay is as primitive as possible, but the creation can surprise with an abstract concept and an unusual image of a monochrome world distorted by graphic glitches. Another proof of the almost inexhaustible potential of the Dreams engine.

Blade Gunner

15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

Blade Gunner is one of the best games in Dreams. No claims to high art, only adrenaline-filled gameplay in the genre of a two-dimensional shooter, where with each new enemy killed, the gaming excitement only increases. With addictive gameplay and the ability to purchase upgrades for the shuttle, Blade Gunner is among the games in Dreams that you will want to return to again.


15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

Divide is another game that does not claim to be the laurels of art, but can easily captivate you for an hour or two. The creation is based on the concept of an arcade game, where we control a constantly bifurcated line, find the best route, avoid obstacles and collect points. The idea is even simpler than the appearance of Divide, but nevertheless, after another loss it is hard to get rid of the thoughts of starting the level again, which is additionally facilitated by the achievement system and the leaderboard.

The Encounter

15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

The Encounter is generally similar to Untitled Space Opera - we are not facing a full-fledged game in the Sci-fi setting, but rather a small demo that can later grow into an extremely entertaining project. But even in this unfinished form, The Encounter deserves to spend a little of your own time on creation. A mysterious atmosphere, full of details of the scenery and excellent graphics - potential is visible in every moment of the level. We can only hope that the creators of The Encounter will not stop developing their project.

The Pilgrim

15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

In you can find dozens of platformers of varying quality, but the recently released The Pilgrim deserves special attention. In the role of a wanderer, the player will have to wade through a fantasy world full of dangers, simultaneously solving puzzles and trying not to go ahead of time to the forefathers. The variety of game situations with the changing perspective of the camera deserves praise, as well as the art-design of the levels, where even the smallest section has a unique style, creating the impression as a result of traveling inside a real fairy tale.


15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

Turbulence - racing in the style of Michael Bey, as the description on the creation page eloquently speaks about. It is difficult to disagree with such a definition, because, as in the films of the legendary director, Turbulence surpasses all conceivable limits in the number of explosions per minute of screen time. It would not be superfluous to even draw an analogy with Split / Second and Turbulence can generally pass for the budget version of the famous race from Black Rock Studio.

Fallout 4: Dreams Edition

15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

Another remake (or rather a dreammake) of the popular game in Dreams, which clearly demonstrates the capabilities of the engine and the impressive enthusiasm of the gaming community. The version of Fallout 4 in "Dreams", for obvious reasons, cannot boast of scale, but successfully repeats the gameplay of a post-apocalyptic RPG on a tiny location, delighting with a fully functional Pip-Boy, recognizable decorations and models, as well as a soundtrack and a palette of sounds that the creator of the dream has transferred from Fallout 4.

The Missing Constellation

15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

Continuing to talk about the best games in Dreams, it would be a real crime to ignore The Missing Constellation. In less than thirty minutes, the creation is able to leave behind an aftertaste like a good indie, which would not be a sin to buy on Steam for a pittance. As a futuristic character, we set out in search of constellations scattered around the world - a simple task, but due to the detailed, memorable landscapes and beautiful neoclassical music, The Missing Constellation risks becoming your favorite among custom creations in Dreams.

Pip Gemwalker

15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

The charming Pip Gemwalker puzzle is worth paying attention to if only because we have a finished project before us, which is a real rarity for Dreams. Controlling an adorable sloth, we have to collect precious stones, simultaneously solving spatial puzzles on 7 different levels, which are always ready to please with a few secrets especially scrupulous gamers.

Space Wars Forcefighter

15 Cool Dreams Games and Creations to Watch attention

Let's finish the selection of Dreams games on Space Wars Forcefighter, where a user under the nickname Gauffreman used the engine's tools to create a full-fledged arcade flight simulator based on the popular universe. Despite the concept, which is in many ways unique for Dreams, the control implementation turned out to be extremely adequate, which deserves special praise. And, by the way, I would like to forgive all the other roughnesses of the game for an excellent opportunity to strike back at the empire while at the helm of the legendary X-Wing.

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