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10 secret locations that you will not find on the map in games


With many reservations, computer games can be compared to movies. In games, as in movies, we have an active zone where the plot takes place and players are allowed access. But in the film industry, we practically do not have the opportunity to personally look behind the scenery, and in games there are always loopholes that meticulous gamers regularly use when exploring a location outside the map. And there is much to explore! Sometimes outside the map in games it is possible to find amazing, even strange secret locations, and today we will tell you about 10 of the most interesting of them.

Secret locations behind the map in games are of several types. For example, sometimes developers realize that their games will be subjected to thorough research and experimentation by gamers, and therefore they leave funny surprises behind the map. In one word - Easter eggs.

Other secret locations in games reveal the inner workings of the developers and reveal how individual mechanics or scripts function in video games. The third type of secret locations is perhaps the most interesting - cut locations, which for some unknown reason were not removed from the final version of the game. It is with their help that you can find out what content we have lost and roughly imagine what game the developers planned to create initially.

You can find out more about the secrets the developers keep behind the map in video games in the new video of Alice. But be warned, for some secrets the saying is more relevant than ever: “you know the less, you sleep better.”

Among other locations outside the map, we can separately note the game Spyro: A Hero's Tale. Who would have imagined that if you go beyond the game scenery, you will be able to find nothing else but Hogwarts from the J.K. Rowling universe. The most famous school of wizardry, even in the absence of textures, manages to impress with its scale and ask one question: "Why?", To which we will probably never know the answer.

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