Everything is fine with the Uncharted movie, Fallout 4 in Dreams, Diablo and Overwatch cartoons — game news digest # 2.03. Part one (Topic)

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Everything is fine with the Uncharted movie, Fallout 4 in Dreams, Diablo and Overwatch cartoons — game news digest # 2.03. Part one


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Uncharted Movie Will Avoid All Game Movie Mistakes - Tom Holland

The current MCU Spider-Man Tom Holland will play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted adaptation. He recently spoke to IGN reporters about the film and reassured them that Naughty Dog's adaptation of the game would avoid the classic film-by-game mistakes.


According to the actor, the film has the advantage of telling a backstory that was not in the games. If a person has played a game, then he does not know what will be in the film, since this was not in the original series. And if you have not played, then the question is removed by itself. Everyone will receive information to the same extent.

At the heart of the plot of the film, according to assumptions, we will see how Nathan and Sally met and went for the first time for treasure. It is also rumored that Mark Wahlberg will play the role of Sally. As a reminder, the film will be released on March 5, 2021.

A slice of Fallout 4 in Dreams

While still in beta test, Dreams "constructor of everything" impressed with its capabilities. After the release a few days ago, people started sharing their unique creations. For example, an enthusiast named Robo_Killer_v2 created a piece of gameplay elements from Fallout 4: pip-boy, inventory, character stats, quest log, locations and even a working radio.

At the moment, after nine months of work on his Fallout 4: Dreams Edition, he has made several levels, a mini-game, weapons and enemies. He plans to add content further.

Regarding the designer himself, he was well received, as evidenced by the high scores on Metacritic. In the game, they note a great variety for creativity, the ability to even create games in it and not only. Read our article on why you should play Dreams.

Diablo & Overwatch Cartoons

A few years ago, rumors circulated online that Blizzard was planning to launch a Diablo animated series on Netflix. Only now do we have circumstantial evidence that this is really so. Even more, we have learned that Blizzard plans to do an Overwatch project.

We learned this from the LinkedIn profile of Activision-Blizzard co-president Nick van Dyck, where he indicated that he is the producer of the Diablo series, which looks like an anime. The project is currently under development, after which it will be shown on Netflix. It contains information that he developed the concept of the Overwatch series, which he sold. Who exactly is not specified.


Nick van Dyck was previously the producer of the Skylanders Academy project, created by Skylanders.

Sonic has the most successful start of all games based on films

The film about Sonic was predicted by analysts to collect 40-43 million in the first weekend, but due to the fact that there were several holidays in the United States in a row, like President's Day and February 14, he collected 57 million in the first weekend. At the same time, fees in other countries are 43 million. In total, it turned out that the picture earned 100 million over the weekend - writes IGN.

Sonic has overtaken [pardon the pun] previous game project Detective Pikachu, which was the # 1 highest grossing movie over the weekend in games in the United States. The film grossed 54.3 million at its release.

Recall that the highest-grossing film in terms of games so far is Warcraft, with a total of 439 million. Detective Pikachu lags behind, but not much - 433 million.

As for the blue hedgehog, the film received positive reviews, for example, on Metacritic, it received 65 points from critics, and 95 from viewers.

StarCraft: Ghost Prototype Now Available

Back in the days of the GameCube, the first Xbox and PS2, Blizzard created the third-person action game StarCraft: Ghost, which was shown on numerous exhibitions. However, in 2006, due to production hell, the development was canceled, breaking the hearts of many fans. All that remained of the game was a demo, which was shown at exhibitions, and a handful of screenshots.


According to game historian Andrew Borman, the prototype for the Xbox game fell into the hands of someone from the Blizzard archives. So, an unknown user started posting screenshots and pieces of gameplay of the developer's build on the forums dedicated to the Xbox.


He posted 13 minutes of gameplay, running the game on a modified Xbox 360, but later deleted it. The user also describes that the prototype is full of various bugs. According to Bormann, the prototype was created in 2004 for the show at E3.


Although the build runs on a limited number of hands, it was already able to run on the CXBX-Reloaded emulator.

EGS is giving Assassin's Creed Syndicate in a new distribution

Last time EGS played Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez. The next announced game was CCG Faeria, which looks dull compared to the current distribution. However, everything changed and we were shown a better offer - Assassin's Creed Syndicate.


As a reminder, Assassin's Creed Syndicate is the last game in the series that adhered to the old formula of the franchise and did not have RPG elements. The game was generally received coolly, and does not carry much value in terms of history, both local and global. However, it is still entertaining, and if you don't mind running around virtual London, now is the best time.

Syndicate and Aztez will be available to pick up at EGS from February 20 to February 27.

XCOM 2 and Catherine: Full Body will be the next games for Switch

As is often the case, age-rating organizations from time to time merge releases of unannounced projects. This was also the case with XCOM 2 and Catherine: Full Body for Nintendo Switch, when an ESRB-like organization in South Korea rated games by age.


As the name suggests, XCOM 2 The Collection contains the Reinforcement and Pack War of the Chosen add-ons.

Catherine: Full Body is an enhanced version of the original Catherine that was released in Japan last year for Xbox One and PS4. There is no PC port yet, and it is not expected. But the boyars can enjoy the original game on their platform. Prior to that, information from Bioshock the Collection had floated to the network in a similar way.

Ports are expected to be announced at the next Nintendo Direct.

This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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