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Google will equip push-button phones with Android and Chrome


For most, the Android system is known as an integral part of modern gadgets. Its stability and great functionality have made it worldwide popular among owners of touch-enabled smartphones.

Google has introduced an updated version of Android OS for phones with buttons. Of course, such an operating system differs from its usual version due to the lack of a touchscreen display. Interestingly, Android was originally conceived as a platform for push-button phones that do not have a touchscreen. However, the popularity of the iPhone showed developers that the concept of the operating system should be changed.

Information about Google's work on creating a push-button Android and the same Chrome browser has appeared periodically since the beginning of this year. At the same time, the Android operating system in the future should become a competitor to mobile KaiOS, which has already gained popularity among users in many countries. The project got the opportunity to test the Android OS and Google's proprietary browser designed for phones without touch screens. This became available in the software emulator as part of the proprietary Android Studio environment.


Externally, the Android system largely repeats its sensory version. The platform contains the same pre-installed services as the standard OS version. So, push-button Android is supplemented with Android Messages, YouTube and, without a doubt, the proprietary Chrome browser with a built-in mini-game.

The desktop resembles its counterpart in touch smartphones in many ways, although its resolution is noticeably smaller. At the top of the table are the usual icons for Internet and cellular communications, a battery indicator and a clock. Below you can find the date and weather information. Application icons are the same as on touch devices. The system is optimized for 640 ? 480 screens - this is the resolution set for screenshots.

The Chrome browser, which has Android in its push-button version, is also identical to its version for touchscreen smartphones. It contains a search bar, folders with bookmarks, recommendations, a loading indicator, which becomes active when the page is opened under the address bar. For the first launch of the browser, navigation prompts are provided using the control buttons or the joystick.


If you launch Chrome on a button phone, the start page will appear in a slightly modified form, specially created for the specifics of key management. At the top of the screen is the button for launching the application menu, shortcuts to the most visited pages, recommendations and the icon of the last opened site. In navigation, buttons 1, 2 and 3 are widely used, which are responsible for the scale and change of modes. Push-button Chrome includes a dinosaur game, which is a standalone Chrome Fun application whose activity depends on the Internet connection.

The Topic of Article: Google will equip push-button phones with Android and Chrome.
Author: Jake Pinkman