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A new cloud OS for budget smartphones has been developed


Another Android replacement has appeared on the mobile gadgets market, which was developed by the Cloudmosa project. It was the operating system Puffin OS, which the company created directly for low-power smartphones that cost no more than $ 100. A feature of the mobile OS is the ability to fully use the applications located in the cloud storage, instead of their standard download. The project team believes that this method adds more speed to Puffin, in contrast to the same android.

Another "killer"

Android The authors of the platform present it as a mobile analog of Android, which is characterized by high performance. Along with other systems, Puffin OS should stand between KaiOS, which covers the market for phones with smartphones with push-button control, and the Android One / Go platform designed for budget mobile gadgets.


By the way, Puffin OS, as a possible competitor to the Google operating system, itself is based on the open source Android. At the same time, all platform applications are web versions based on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Their location is the cloud service. Thus, a budget low-power smartphone is freed from part of the load, and the user does not need to carry out a standard installation of one or another application.

Thanks to this technology, this replacement android is positioned as a platform that on a smartphone with not the most powerful processor and a small amount of "RAM" can work several times faster than the Google OS. According to the company, almost all internet sites can be adapted for Puffin OS. Such utilities open almost instantly and do not take up the memory of the mobile gadget.

Terms of Service

In order for the cloud replacement Android to be able to fully work, first of all, you need a stable Internet. The Cloudmosa project explains that by using a special method of compressing sites, the Puffin OS platform will be able to get by with the 2.5G (GPRS) standard. At the same time, she will be able to fully work. At the same time, the system has a certain dependence on the stable operation of the cloud resource, which plays a decisive role in ensuring its performance.


According to data published on the official page of Cloudmosa, the company intends to establish direct cooperation with manufacturers of mobile devices. As the developers of the project plan, the cloud Puffin OS will be released on low-cost smartphones as a pre-installed operating platform. The system is now present in Nokia 1 and Redmi Go models.

Other Cloud OS

Prior to the creation of Puffin OS, other teams also attempted to develop Android analogues for mobile gadgets. So, in 2013, Mozilla appeared on the market - a Firefox OS solution, which was also intended for entry-level smartphones.

Three years later, the Mozilla project closed. However, the platform became the basis for the next generation mobile operating system, which appeared in 2017. It became KaiOS, which is present in many modern push-button phones, partially supplemented by the options of the "big brothers" of smartphones. A year later, in 2018, the owner of the Nokia brand, HMD Global, introduced an updated version of the famous Nokia 8110 model, based on the mobile KaiOS.

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