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Google introduced an adapted Android 10 for weak smartphones


Google has announced the release of a special version of Android 10, which can be installed on inexpensive Android smartphones that do not have the most outstanding technical capabilities. The Go Edition mobile platform has simplified features to help budget gadgets run at peak performance.

A lightweight version of the operating system is specially adapted for mobile gadgets with a small amount of RAM not more than 1.5 GB. The optimized Go Edition does not have pre-installed unnecessary applications, programs, settings and firmware - everything that can slow down inexpensive smartphones on Android, but at the same time, the mobile operating system of the "light" version receives regular updates.

The programs built into the Go version use up the memory of a budget device economically and load 10% faster. In addition, switching between apps is also faster. Android Go for smartphones has got a trendy night theme. However, the key characteristic of the simplified OS was the use of a new encryption standard adapted for low-cost Android smartphones instead of the most commonly used AES system. The standard is called Adiantum, and according to Google, the new system does not require special hardware and is several times faster than AES.


Adiantum is committed to encrypting data without compromising the overall performance of entry-level devices. The algorithm of the new system belongs to the authorship of Google developers, and for the first time its presentation took place in the winter of 2019. Adiantum can be embedded in low-power smartphones and tablets, which will be the Go Edition operating system.

Now the source code of a simplified operating system has become available to companies, which they can use in models of budget gadgets already on the market. Google calls the target audience of the Go-version "new" users who purchased their first budget smartphone on Android for the first time, as well as the markets of developing countries, where entry-level devices are mainly purchased. According to the corporation's statistics, Android Go has spread to 180 countries. In 2018, 500 manufacturers equipped about 1600 models of mobile gadgets with a "light" version of the system.

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Author: Jake Pinkman