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Superbudget Xiaomi Android Smartphone Introduced


For USA users, the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Go has become available, which the network media dubbed "ultra-budget" even before the official presentation. The device runs on a special version of the OS called Android Go. This platform was specially created for mobile devices with not the most powerful characteristics. The simplest assembly of Redmi Go is estimated at less than 6 thousand rubles.

The device on the simplified version of Android has average characteristics in comparison with the modern flagships of the mobile market. The new budget smartphone Xiaomi is based on a quad-core Snapdragon 425 model with support for frequencies up to 4.1 GHz. Redmi Go has a 5-inch LCD display (16: 9). For graphics, the Adreno 308 GPU accelerator is in control. 1 GB - this amount is occupied by "RAM", options for assemblies with internal memory - 8 and 16 GB.

The affordable Xiaomi Redmi smartphone is offered in classic black and blue. It is equipped with a standard set of rear and selfie cameras. The main photo lens with LED-flash, located on the back of the body, has a resolution of 8 MP. A 5 MP front camera fits on the front side of the device. The smartphone has three slots: for two SIM cards and one for an additional 128 GB memory card. The device is equipped with a 3000 mAh battery.


The new smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Go is under the control of the eighth Android OS, or rather its specialized version of the Go Edition. Google has purposefully developed this system for budget devices. It was first announced in 2017. For the full operation of the OS, you need 512 MB of RAM. It is planned that all devices with up to 1 GB of "RAM" will be equipped with this version of the OS by default. Alcatel 1X was the first phone with a pre-installed Go Edition.


Go Edition is yet another milestone in Android One, a Google initiative aimed at reaching out to more affordable smartphone users. Within its framework, applications are optimized for not the fastest Internet and a small amount of device memory. In addition, there is a separate Play Store where such offers are collected. Along with the development of Android Go, the corporation also launched the Building for Billions project, which aims to help third-party developers design applications that do not require significant mobile device power.

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