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Google will switch from Android to Fuchsia OS in 5 years


According to Bloomberg, Google may replace Android with Fuchsia within the next five years. The project started two years ago, initially with a small group of people, which has now grown to 100 engineers. Along with the growth of the staff, the prospects for the new OS also grow.

What's the difference?

Unlike Android, which is based on the Linux kernel, Fuchsia is based on the Zircon microkernel, which provides the system with increased stability and security. Fuchsia may be a closed OS, but users will be guaranteed timely updates. The development focuses on voice interactions and ecosystem unity. The cross-platform Fuchsia OS is designed for use on a wide variety of devices, from smartphones, tablets and computers to household appliances such as voice speakers, microwave ovens, trash cans and other IoT devices. Google views Fuchsia as the only operating system in the Internet of Things era and expects to replace Android, Chrome OS and their Android Things and Wear OS with it.

Fuchsia OS will be released on smart speakers first

Google engineers plan to start commercializing the project in three years. Fuchsia OS will be tested first on smart speakers and then on more sophisticated devices. However, this is not the final plan. So far, neither Google CEO Sundar Pichai nor the head of Android and Chrome OS Hiroshi Lockheimer have approved Fuchsia's development strategy. Insiders say that Mr. Pichai is following the development of the project with great interest. It can be assumed that when Fuchsia enters the deployment stage, it will coexist with Android and Chrome OS for several more years until Google stops supporting old ecosystems.

A number of Google veterans are working on the project. Among them is Matias Duarte, a Chilean designer who owes much to the modern look of Android and Material Design. 7 months ago Nick Kraljevic, one of the main security experts, who has devoted more than 9 years to the development of the Android Security Engineering department, joined the team.

Maybe Google will change its mind and everything will remain as it is

Before Fuchsia takes the final form, the developers have to solve many problems, and one of them already today leads to big disputes within the company. Google currently generates revenue primarily from Android user data collection and targeted advertising. Fuchsia's concept largely discourages such practices, as privacy is prioritized in the new operating system. According to one insider, Google's advertising department has already forced the development team to weaken some privacy features in the interest of monetization.

Another source claims that Google may ultimately abandon the full transition to Fuchsia OS: due to the unique kernel, the new operating system is likely to be incompatible with the vast majority of modern hardware.

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