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New changes in Windows 10


Microsoft has announced April 30, 2018 as the release date for a massive new update to the Windows 10 operating system. A number of improved features for everyday tasks are called the April 2018 Update.

All recent files at hand

The Timeline function works on the principle of the browser history of tabs, storing information about previously used sites and files. The service helps to quickly find everything that the user has worked with during the month: text documents, pages, photos, videos. The Timeline service also maintains user activity in mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms in the Microsoft Edge browser and files from Office 365 .

Function to keep your work productive

Focus Assist notification management service will help you to fully focus on current tasks. The system temporarily blocks any notifications from social networks, mail and other "distractions".

With flexible configuration, you can launch the service at specific hours to concentrate on work, after which the user will receive all his emails and messages. The built-in exclusion list allows you to add the necessary contacts that will not be blocked by the Focus Assist function.

Browser conversion

Microsoft Edge browser has also changed. Now on separate tabs it will be possible to turn off the sound, it will be possible to view books, PDF files in full screen mode. For payment documents, the function of saving data and autofilling details will appear (without memorizing CVV codes). Grammar Tools button striking words in syllables and highlighting individual parts of speech (nouns, verbs, etc.).

Voice functionality


Dictation service allows you to create individual documents and notes using voice control. After another improvement, it became even easier to do this. To carry out text input, just place the cursor in the application, press the Win + H combination and start speaking. Also, voice control is extended to various smart home devices using Cortana technology.

Service for the budget conscious

The Delivery Optimization function will allow you to install the update on one device, after which it can be sent over the local network to all the others. You will get a noticeable saving in consumed traffic. Service statistics in Windows Analytics will allow you to find out how much traffic was saved and on which devices the update is running.

Software Deployment

The updated ConfigMgr 1802 feature optimizes deployment cycles by doing it in stages. If no errors are detected in the target group of computers during the update run, it is automatically deployed to the next group. Intune Service allows you to deploy and manage software on service terminals. The Microsoft Kiosk browser (built on top of Microsoft Edge) will now allow you to browse the web safely and in safe mode.

Ready to go

A page with the installation status has been added to the Windows AutoPilot service. It will serve as a guarantee that everything necessary for the user's further work - settings, applications, necessary agreements will appear on the PC during the initial installation before direct interaction with the device begins. The leaders of the computer industry have already supported the innovation. For example, Lenovo Corporation announced that as the first OEM partner, Microsoft will fully integrate with Windows AutoPilot. Other manufacturers plan to provide their users with a quick installation of Windows 10 using Windows AutoPilot by the fall.

Already one of these days, the novelties of the Windows 10 operating system will be available in free access to all users. Microsoft reports that new system features will now halve installation time for the major April 2018 Update .

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