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Microsoft releases universal app for Windows 10 office suite


Microsoft developers are working on a tool that is expected in a future operating system update. The new Office app for Windows 10 is designed to make it easier to interact with office programs, Office online services, and cloud storage.

The application is intended to replace the existing MyOffice package. The planned update of Microsoft Office for Windows is not a standard software package, it is a kind of hub that makes it easier to find the files you need on a separate device or in the cloud, you can exchange documents with other PCs, launch several servers at the same time and switch between them ... The application algorithms are designed to put things in order in the work with files that are stored in different systems: on servers, in local networks or devices, thus reducing confusion in the names and different versions of the same file.

Additionally, the new Windows Office will receive a Microsoft Search search algorithm and a separate menu where the user will be able to manage all Microsoft office services. In fact, the "office" hub is a universal option for interacting with all existing Office suites and Internet platforms.

The company has not yet announced the exact timeline during which the Office for Windows 10 application will become available to users. The utility is now undergoing standard testing to identify possible bugs. The new Office for Windows will become an indispensable attribute of the desktop Tens, but its use is optional. According to some reports, closer to mid-2019, the "office" hub will appear on all new computers sold with the tenth Windows OS preinstalled. Its cost is already included in the general OS license.


In addition to the announced Office for Windows Universal Hub, Microsoft plans to add a number of major updates to the tenth OS during 2019.

Among them, Windows Sandbox is an sandbox tool where you can safely open questionable applications and files from unknown sources. The software sandbox in the operating system will help reduce the likelihood of virus infection of user devices.

The functionality of the Edge browser will also change - Microsoft's own web browser will run on the new Chromium engine, which is the basis of many modern browsers. The most common Google Chrome, modern Opera and others operate on its basis. The company has decided to discontinue support for the proprietary EdgeHTML engine and focus on keeping Microsoft Edge up-to-date.

An update to the Office system, Windows Sandbox and a redesigned Edge browser should be available in the first half of 2019, although the sandbox may outstrip other innovations and begin functioning as part of the next update of the top ten early next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman