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A large-scale update for Windows 10 has been released


Microsoft has released another major Windows update. Windows 10 October 2018 update received dozens of new tools and improvements.

According to the company, over 700 million devices can now get the latest operating system.


The biggest update of the Top 10 is related to the introduction of the Cloud Clipboard, a cloud exchange that can be used to copy information on one computer and send it to another. Microsoft servers store all copy / paste operations and can be accessed on any device. The cloud clipboard is useful for frequent data transfers between a portable home PC and a "travel" laptop or tablet.

The Timeline tool, with the help of which it is possible to view changes to files during the month, has become more "friendly" when using third-party browsers. A plug-in has been developed specifically for Chrome and Firefox to connect to the Timeline and then sync the tabs.

Integration with Android Apps

At the presentation of Windows 10 October 2018, it was announced the possibility of combining the updated OS with mobile applications for devices based on Android. Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is now capable of running any Android application. This became possible thanks to the added Your Phone program.

With the help of the program, it became possible to quickly drag files from one device to another, launch Internet pages from a mobile browser in a desktop, synchronize photos, send and receive messages. Part of Your Phone functionality is also open to iPhones. On a Windows 10 computer, open Android applications are mirrored (for example, instant messengers, smartphone camera).

The next major update (codenamed 19H1) is slated to launch in spring 2019. According to some reports, the update will have a tool "Groups" (Sets) to form tabs in any application on the "top ten". Also, presumably Windows 10 will be supplemented with an isolated container ("sandbox") InPrivate Desktop for opening suspicious files.

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Author: Jake Pinkman