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What's new in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update


Starting October 17, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is available to users. Let's figure out what's new and how to install it.

What's new in Windows 10

  • Since mobile devices connect to Windows 10, it makes sharing information between devices easier. To do this, you need to install Microsoft Edge browser on iOS, Android Edge or Microsoft Microsoft. OneDrive can download files on demand.
  • OneDrive Files On Demand is a new feature back to us from Windows 8. Allows you to view files in the cloud as needed.
  • Microsoft has improved stylus support.
  • Function my people. Now you can find all your Skype and Outlook and Facebook Messenger contacts in one place.
  • In EDGE you can now add comments to PDF files
  • The task manager has finally learned to display information about the GPU, like CPU, RAM, disk.
  • New touch keyboard.
  • You can now enter text by dictation
  • Windows now supports virtual and augmented reality out of the box, without installing additional software.
  • The Photos section now features AI-powered 3D effects.
  • Cortana is now how Alice can restart the computer and shut it down. (But not in USA)
  • Windows Story Remix is a video editor with many smart features and machine learning techniques.

How to install the update

In fact, the update should already be installed for you, since auto-update is enabled by default on devices with win 10. But this is Microsoft, so it's not certain.

There are several ways, I'll tell you about the two simplest and most common.

Method one:

Photo Display available updates at the top

Click on the notification icon (far right) - All options - Updates and security.

Then just click check for updates. And voila, waiting for the installation.

Method two:

Photo Just Click Refresh Now

If for some reason you do not have an update, then you can download and install it:

Go to Microsoft and use the Update Assistant to download the required files.

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