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Microsoft Office 2019 Released

Microsoft has introduced the new Office 2019 for Mac and Windows devices. The updated suite of office programs is designed for the audience of physical users and business customers who do not have a subscription to the Office 365 cloud service.

What has changed

Office 2019 has basically collected all the tools that have supplemented Office 365 over the past few years. All programs listed in Office 2019 received a tool for customizing tabs and commands.

PowerPoint has been changed. A number of new options have been added to the program, including SVG technology and the ability to create 3D models. In addition, a transformation mechanism has been implemented that allows you to transform one image into another. A zoom tool has been added and 4K video transfer is now possible.

Word has been supplemented with training components, updated by the translator. The program also received a focusing mode, with the help of which the studied information is placed in the center in front. The Outlook mail service now has a central folder for received correspondence, which distributes letters and filters unimportant messages.

Excel has been updated with a number of new formulas and analytical functions. The developers have improved the PowerPivot data modeling system. Also among the program updates are timelines, new chart forms.

Windows 10 only

A few months ago Microsoft compiled a list of operating systems for which the announced Microsoft Office 2019 package will become available. Windows versions 7 and 8.1 were not included in the list, which implies using the application only with the tenth Windows. As a result, users who want to use the new Office 2019 and not subscribe to Office 365 updates will have to upgrade to OS 10. At the same time, the innovation should not affect the package for the Mac system.

In its official blog, Microsoft makes a special emphasis on the fact that all versions of the Office 2019 suite support the Click-to-Run principle, that is, there is no additional Windows installer included with the application. As noted by the company, this will make it possible to get the latest version of the package without the need for an immediate update, and also ensures the delivery of periodic security updates.

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