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New Microsoft Office won't work with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

Microsoft has officially confirmed that Office 2019 (in development) will only work with Windows 10. The full list of operating systems looks like this: Enterprise LTSC 2018, SAC releases, and the next LTSC version of Server.< / p>

As a result, users will be forced to upgrade to the top ten if they decide to use the latest version of Office without an Office 365 subscription. Office 365.

The Mac package will not be affected by the new rules, as it is a separate product with its own release schedule.

When is Microsoft Office 2019 coming out

Recall that the announcement of the Office 2019 campaign is scheduled for the second half of 2018. The product will include PowerPoint, Outlook, Word and Excel applications. The package will also include server versions of Skype for Business, Exchange software and SharePoint. The corporation plans to present test versions for acquaintance already in the middle of this year.

Who is Office 2019 for

Office 2019 is primarily aimed at organizations that do not use Office 365 for their work. Click-to-Run technology will be used to install clients, the classic installer will not be included.

The company has also published an office product support period. Office 2019 users will have five years of mainstream support and about two years of extended support. As a reminder, Microsoft Office 2016 has a completely different support cycle. Support for Office Suite released in 2015 will be officially blocked in fall 2020, extended support will be available until October 2015. Office 2013 - Standard support will end in April 2018, extended in April 2023.

It is Microsoft policy that the main software support period includes bug fixes, new features, and security updates. For operating systems, this period lasts five years after the release date of the system, or two years after the next version of the product becomes available (select the option with a later date).

During the extended support period, the company continues to develop and release only updates to improve security, but bug fixes and full technical support are available only on a paid basis and only for corporate customers.

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