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The next Windows 10 update will change how File Explorer works


Microsoft has figured out a way to reduce the unpleasant consequences for the user if the system unexpectedly hangs. The Windows 10 update expected in April 2019 will change the way the file manager works. After the next update of the "dozens", Explorer will automatically open each folder in a separate process. This will help avoid unplanned minimization of all open files in the event of a freeze and hard shutdown.

A similar approach is at the heart of the Chrome browser, where each new tab is opened in a separate process. This method helps to avoid a complete stop of the browser if one of the tabs will slow down the entire system.

A change in the work of the file manager is expected after the update of Windows 10. The system update is not available to all users and is currently undergoing preliminary testing in a special group Insider Preview.

In addition to changing the algorithm of the file manager, the new Windows 10 in the final version will receive a number of innovations. One of them is also related to Explorer, which can be supplemented with support for Linux file systems. However, its appearance, according to Microsoft representatives, is unlikely in the next build, the new function is still quite "raw" and is still at the initial stage of its development, so the spring update will most likely appear without it.

Windows 10 update

In addition, a large-scale spring update will bring a few more novelties. Windows 10 is expected to introduce a virtual safe space, or sandbox, which will provide temporary isolation for running suspicious applications and documents without risking the system itself. Also in the "top ten" is planned the appearance of a function that can prevent the failure of the entire operating system, if no update is integrated into it. If the patch stops working and a blue screen appears, Windows 10 will lock and then get rid of it, returning to its previous stable position.

The next update of Windows 10 may deprive it of its familiar design by removing the "dozens" business card - live tiles from the main menu. In this case, the operating system will approach the standard of previous versions of Windows 7 and XP, and the Start menu will display the usual basic system settings, shortcut buttons, a list of all programs with recently opened applications.

The updated spring build of Windows 10 can be supplemented with an improved proprietary Microsoft browser - Edge. His final transition to the modern Chromium engine, which is available in many web browsers, including Google Chrome, is expected.

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