Rumors about new Silent Hill, fresh details of Half Life: Alyx, first photos of Xbox X Series - game news digest №1.03 from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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Rumors about new Silent Hill, fresh details of Half Life: Alyx, first photos of Xbox X Series - game news digest №1.03 from Cadelta. Part two


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Konami is preparing two Silent Hill games

Silent Hill fans have been waiting for years for a sequel to their beloved horror franchise. Now they have a ray of hope.

According to AestheticGamer insider, Konami is preparing two Silent Hill games at once. The first will be a reboot of the entire series, while the second is an episodic horror in the spirit of Until Dawn. The insider claims that he only knows about the existence of these two games. About who was entrusted with the development, and when there will be an announcement - he does not know. However, I am sure that the games will be shown to the public this year.


If we talk about plausibility, this insider previously talked about the release of the DLC for Resident Evil 7 and the imminent release of the RE3 remake, and he was right. His theory was confirmed by the site Rely on Horror, but with some reservations. So, this will be one game based on the franchise.

New Details for Half Life: Alyx


Valve hosted a Q&A session on Reddit this week, where they shared new information about their next VR project. Here are the highlights:

  • The game is over and the developers are busy catching bugs.
  • The game can be played seated and also has a left-handed mode.
  • Merle Dandridge, who voiced the original Alex Vance, was originally involved in the project. However, then the studio decided to take a different path, and Oziome Akage was chosen for the role of Alex.
  • There are 80 people working on the project, and some of them created the original Half Life. So far we can say that this is the largest development team in the history of the studio.
  • Barnacles in Alyx will be the same as in the original games, they will grab the player and pull up to eat.
  • There will be no platforming in the game.
  • The original Half Life scriptwriter Mark Laidlaw, who acted as a consultant for Alyx, was involved.
  • The artificial intelligence of enemies in the face of the Alliance will largely borrow from the first Half Life, as developers believe that this element is better developed there.
  • The weapon is used with one hand, as the other is used to control movement and interaction with the outside world. If desired, the weapon can be gripped with both hands to better aim.
  • The traditional train ride will return to the game.

The game will be released on Steam this March. Any virtual reality headset that supports Steam VR will work to play it.

Prior to that, Valve decided to hold a promotion and all the games in the Half Life series will be free until the release of the new game. Therefore, if you somehow escaped the numerous discounts or giveaways of games in this series - it's time to finally think about getting acquainted with the series.

First real photos of Xbox X Series prototype

When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox X Series trailer, it used computer graphics. Just this week we were able to see real photos of the console. Its prototype, to be precise.


Photos appeared on the NeoGAF forum. The site Thurrott was quick to confirm the authenticity of the images, which said that the console looks like this. The fact that this is a prototype of the console is indicated by the inscription on the back of it. Therefore, expect the sales version to look slightly different.

The back of the console is more interesting to us, since it was not shown. The Xbox has two USB-A ports, Ethernet, one HDMI, a power jack, an optical audio cable, additional ventilation, and a long connector that Thurrott says is needed to read data and will no longer be available in the consumer version. .


The funny thing is that the person who posted the photo did not paint the console barcode on it, so Microsoft can track what kind of prototype it was, and to whom it was sent, so that later "talk" with this person about his bad deed .

Cyberpunk 2077 was postponed due to poor performance on Xbox One

Poland has its own Jason Schreyer, who does large-scale insights and investigations about games. His name is Boris Nespelyak. He said that Cyberpunk 2077 was postponed due to the game having problems working on consoles.


According to him, the game currently works poorly on Xbox One. According to the developer's plans, if the game does not work well on the Microsoft console until January, the release will be postponed. And so it happened. Although according to the information received, it seems that the game hardly works on PS4. Allegedly, there was some important person at GDC 2019 who did not believe that the game could work in this state on consoles. As Nespelyak says, the game still suffers from many problems on them.

He also heard that the game does not have completely additional content ready. Allegedly, the main storyline is ready, but the side quests are still being introduced into the game. However, Boris says that he heard this information from one source, so he does not trust her.

Project: Mara - Ninja Theory's next mental health project

Ninja Theory is currently working on four projects: the online Bleeding Edge, the mysterious The Insight Project and the sequel to Hellblade. The fourth project of the studio is the game Project: Mara.

The developer says he will show us a realistic depiction of psychic horror as the studio tries to recreate the nightmares in a person's head in as much detail as possible. To do this, the studio studies the real stories of sick people.

They also say that the game will have an unusual presentation that could spawn a new kind of storytelling in games. It turns out that the studio is working on three projects related to the psyche. In Hellblade, the heroine suffers from schizophrenia, we have already said about Project: Mara, and The Insight Project should strengthen the mental health of users, so that it doesn't mean.

The studio also posted its video diary dedicated to "dendroit" - this is the name of the system of work in the studio, when several groups of people work on unique projects at the same time.

Netflix is preparing a cartoon based on the Witcher universe

Netflix summarizes its fourth quarter 2019 financials and highlights the success of The Witcher. In the first four weeks, the series was watched by 76 million viewers, while this includes users who watched more than two minutes of the first episode to avoid accidental clicks. Thus, The Witcher became the most popular debut series on the platform.

The company also said the series has become a cultural phenomenon as Buttercup's ballad "Toss a Coin to you Witcher" became a multilingual hit.


Recently, there was a rumor that the company plans to create a cartoon "Nightmare of the Wolf", which will tell about a new threat besides Nilfgaard. Netfix soon confirmed the rumors. Projects are involved in this: Lauren Hissrich [showrunner of the series], Bo Demayo [cartoon writer who wrote the third episode of the series] and Studio Mir [creators of the animated series The Legend of Korra].

This was all weekend news, stay tuned.

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