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All Silent Hill rumors in one place. Everything we know about franchise games


Lately we have accumulated a lot of inside information and rumors about Silent Hill. In addition, Konami even indirectly hinted that they are indeed developing. Every such news feeds our inner belief that we will see the return of this beautiful series of games. We've structured all the rumors about Silent Hill in one place. Let's analyze both old and recent information.

Two games from Konami

The most significant information comes from the insider AestheticGamer, known for his truthful leaks about Resident Evil. In January, he tweeted that Konami is currently developing two games for the franchise.

“… I will mention that there are a couple of new Silent Hill games in development. About two years ago, Konami approached various developers to submit ideas for two Silent Hill games, one being a soft relaunch of the franchise and the other a TellTale / Until Dawn-style episodic game that will run in parallel with the reboot. While I don't know any more of this, I am confident and hopeful that Konami has found a suitable developer to create these games and has provided an appropriate budget.


This is just speculation, but I would say there is a good chance one or both of these titles could be revealed this year, but we'll see. In fact, I don't know their plans or anything else about these games other than their existence. ”

Masahiro Ito

Also fueled by our interest was Pyramid Head creator Masahiro Ito, who constantly makes cryptic tweets.

Not so long ago, we wrote that the community manager of Kojima Productions promised that he would soon share new interesting information. In the photo in the tweet, he was holding a pencil labeled "pyramid." In the minds of die-hard fans, this has morphed into a clear theory that a new Silent Hill game from KP awaits us.


It is noteworthy that on the same day Masahiro Ito passed the post in which he wrote that if everything goes well, he will have nothing to say. He soon wrote Pyramid Head RIP.

These tweets are meaningful for the reason that he revealed last year that he is working on a game where he is playing a key role and hopes that the project will not be canceled. There are several ways to interpret these tweets from both sides, and even that Kojima Productions is just teasing us ahead of the release of Death Stranding on PC.

We are assuming that Ito became part of the Silent Hill development team. Kojima Productions is actually still in talks with Konami, and Sony may work with Kojima Productions and Konami to fund the new Silent Hill as a PS5 exclusive.

And these guesses are only confirmed by the latest news.

Sony leads the collaboration

And recently, information appeared on Rely on Horror confirming this guess. Citing two of its sources, the portal says that Ito is indeed involved in the Silent Hill project, as we assumed. Portal sources also say that Sony has spearheaded the return of Silent Hill, most likely as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, but this is speculation from the sources.


Allegedly Keiichiro Toyama [director of the first 1999 Silent Hill] and composer Akira Yamaoka will begin work with Masahiro Ito. The trio will be in charge of thus restarting the Silent Hill franchise. It is also said that they will be joined by developers from SIE Japan Studio, which may include team members from Project Siren, the group behind Siren: Blood Curse for PlayStation 3.

The project is said to have been in development for about a year. The second source of the portal, which is not related to the first, knew about Ito's involvement in the new title Silent Hill and reported this information some time ago.

The second game is to be placed in the care of Kojima's studio. Recently, Eurogamer reported that the relationship between Kojima and Konami was slowly improving. According to Rely on Horror, it became known that Sony is working to improve relations between Kojima Productions and Konami in order to resurrect the game from the dead due to the large amount of noise and constant speculation on it five years after the cancellation of Silent Hills.


The second source also confirms this information. Now we have three sources at once, confirming the theory - and this already inspires more confidence and gives ground underfoot.

The first insider goes on to say that the game will even use the next generation PlayStation VR headset for the PlayStation 5. Sony allegedly donated the game to Kojima Productions to create a TellTale and Supermassive-inspired title based on storytelling. They also do not want to limit their creative freedom. But at the same time, the insider emphasizes that Silent Hills [if it really is her] is still far from complete and that so far the only game in active development is a reboot from the trio from Team Silent and SIE Japan Studio.


Also, not so long ago, there were rumors that Sony, in principle, plans to buy Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Castlevania from Konami in order to deal with the restart of all three franchises using its internal studios. However, AestheticGamer says that this is the first time he hears this information and considers it fake. He allegedly knows for sure that Konami will never part with the rights to Silent Hill, so it all makes no sense.


Even if that were the case, we would have witnessed Kojima's ingenious multi-move to regain Metal Gear.


Now we can say with a high probability that these rumors are possibly true and at least in development there is exactly a restart that the original creators are doing. We may soon see an announcement at State of Play or another event. The problem is that due to the coronavirus, plans for announcements may be shifted.

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Author: Jake Pinkman