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Features Xbox Series X, Resident Evil 3 Demo, Another New Rumors About Silent Hill - Gaming News Digest # 3.03 Part One


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Xbox Series X Official Specs

This week Microsoft lifted the ban on the distribution of reviews of its new console, and we got a complete picture of what makes up the Xbox X Series and what its features.

You can see the full list of technical characteristics here. We'll go over the features of the hardware.


Microsoft says the biggest difference between the new generation of consoles and the old is the graphics and resolution. That said, the company cites the console as the biggest leap in the Xbox generation in terms of processors and API design.

When developing, developers can choose one of two operating modes: 8 physical cores with a frequency of 3.8 GHz, or using all cores, but with a frequency of 3.6 GHz. The company expects that in the first couples, developers will prioritize the first mode. Since the console in it is in many ways similar in architecture to the previous generation.

The Console Processor will later form the basis of Project xCloud. By the way, the console's chip is capable of playing 4 Xbox One S game sessions simultaneously.


An optional Microsoft-designed SSD can be inserted into the console.

At the heart of the console is the DirectX ecosystem, created in conjunction with AMD, and it is promised to move the industry forward. It is on the basis of DirectX that ray tracing can be created, which will most likely simulate light and sound in real time.

The 120 fps frame rate is designed for the most serious competitive gaming.

Information about the speed of work takes a significant place. The ecosystem of Xbox Velocity, dedicated to tipping assets, provides instant access to 100GB of data, which is a luxury. Open world games are now even better.

The console is able to quickly resume the game even when you unplug it or update its OS.

XSX backward compatibility allows older games to run at stable frame rates and speed up loading. In addition, in old games, for backward compatibility, you can insert HDR, even if it was not there. This can be done even with a game that is 19 years old, and it was released on the first Xbox. The machine learning algorithm will be responsible for this.

Microsoft assures that the entire gaming legacy of users will move to the next generation with the Xbox One. This primarily concerns the ability to transfer saves from the old console. The XSX also supports all X One accessories and allows for cross-generational multiplayer.

Xbox Series X will go on sale in late fall 2020.

Resident Evil 3 will receive a demo version - it will appear on March 19

As with RE2, Resident Evil 3 will receive a free demo that will be available March 19 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. It will appear on Xbox at 7:00 AM UTC. And on PS4 and PC in steam at 20:00.

At the end of the demo, players are promised to show an exclusive trailer. Plus, the game has hidden 20 figures of Mr. Charlie, which you can find and break.

A little later on March 27 players will be able to appreciate Resident Evil Resistance's asymmetric multiplayer. PC and PS4 - 10:00 GMT, Xbox version - 10:00 GMT.

The actual release of RE3 will take place on April 3rd.

Rumor # 1: Silent Hill will be developed with collaboration between Sony, Kojima and the original creators of the game

The Rely on Horror website has brought us a new batch of rumors about Silent Hill, which are based on the fact that Konami is preparing two games based on the franchise: a relaunch and an interactive game in the spirit of Telltale and Until Dawn.

According to the resource, the authors of the original are working on the restart, including the creator of Pyramid Head and designer Masahiro Ito, screenwriter and director of the first part Keiichiro Toyama, and composer Akira Yamaoka.


This is a mini reunion of Konami's Team Silent unit that worked on the classic quadralogy of games. The portal also claims that SIE Japan Studio employees have joined them.

The game is partly funded by Sony, which is trying to mend the relationship between Konami and Kojima Productions. The publisher was pushed by the fact that even 5 years after the cancellation of Silent Hills, people still grieve for it. But there is also speculation that then the game will be a PS5 exclusive.

Sony is doing this with a view to handing over the development of the second game to Kojima's studio, as it believes that in such an episodic format with unlimited creative freedom, the studio will unleash its potential.

All information is confirmed by the insider AestheticGamer. We will tell you about this in detail separately.

Rumor # 2: Sony to Buy MG, Castlevania and Silent Hill from Konami

There was also a rumor that Sony was going to buy the rights to MGS, Castlevania and Silent Hill from Konami in order to make them exclusive for its console.

A post dated January 13, 2020 was found on 4chan, where a person talks about the new Silent Hill featuring Toyama and Ito. That is, this information appeared even earlier than the material of Rely on Horror.


The author of the post writes about the fate of the projects that Sony wants to get. We have already written about Silent Hill. In terms of Metal Gear, the publisher wants to remake the first Metal Gear from 1987 and MG2: Solid Snake. They were chosen because they ideologically inherit MGS5. Phantom Pain takes place earlier than the first two games. Kojima is involved in development.

As for Castlevania, they want to completely restart the series and make it some kind of mixture of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Bloodborne.

However, this rumor still has discrepancies. So, already mentioned AestheticGamer, says that he knows nothing about MG and Castlevania. But he is confident that Konami will not give up the rights to Silent Hill, so he considers all other information to be untrue.

CD Projekt Red, Rockstar and EA have moved to remote work as well

Coronavirus. We already knew that Bangui and DICE were moving to teleworking from home. They are now joined by colleagues from CD Projekt Red, Rockstar and EA.


Poles say that security measures have been tightened in the studio throughout the past week, but in the light of recent events, it was decided to move all work to remote locations. At the same time, the timing of Cyberpunk 2077 has not shifted. The game will be released in September.


Rockstar, which has sent their employees home around the world, also says there will be no disruption to multiplayer for their projects.

EA strongly encourages its employees to work from home, and also announced that it is canceling all its live events.

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