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The next console from Microsoft is codenamed Scarlet


Microsoft representatives at E3 2018 revealed that the company is working on the next console. Moreover, the likely codename for this device is already known.

During a recent conference, Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox development unit, announced that his team is working on a new gaming device. Of course, this does not mean an imminent announcement, but we received confirmation that such a console will definitely appear and it is worth waiting for.

According to information received by Thuttott, the novelty will be codenamed Scarlet. True, it is not yet clear whether this will be only one device - in yesterday's speech, at least Spencer used the word "consoles", so in the near future we should expect not only a new generation of the platform, but also something else.

There are indications that the next Microsoft console will offer us backward compatibility - Spencer called this a priority issue. Thus, owners of a large collection of games on the Xbox can be optimistic about the future. By the way, Spencer also commented on the words of Yves Guillemot that the next generation of consoles will be the last. In response to this announcement, the CEO of the Xbox division noted that game developers are constantly looking for new ways of development to increase their fanbase, but it is unlikely that "the demand for gaming in excellent picture and sound quality has disappeared, as the head of Ubisoft believes."

Of course, confirmation of this information will have to wait patiently, especially in light of the many new Xbox One games that we saw at the Microsoft conference.

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Author: Jake Pinkman