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Xbox One Overtook PS 4 in US and UK Sales


At the end of November 2014, Microsoft's flagship consoles, Xbox One, for the first time surpassed its main competitor, Play Station 4, in sales in the US and Great Britain. This is reported by Gamespot.

“Demand for our line of Xbox One games in November was fantastic. In the US, users purchased more games than eight other consoles combined. During this period, more Xbox Live users signed up than in the entire history of consoles. the Xbox series, "MIcrosoft VP of Marketing Mike Nichols said in a statement.

Recall that previously Xbox One surpassed PlayStation 4 following sales in North America on the so-called Black Friday, which follows the national holiday - Thanksgiving. Microsoft's flagship console was chosen by 53 percent of customers and Play Station 4 by 31 percent.

The growth in sales of the Microsoft console was facilitated by a flexible pricing policy, as well as the fact that it is implemented together with game exclusives.

According to the NPD Group, the sales of new consoles from Sony and Microsoft improved the sales of the previous generation consoles - PlayStaion 3 and Xbox 360 - by 80 percent in a comparable period of time.

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Author: Jake Pinkman