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Top 5 E3 2018 Moments


A week has passed since the E3 2018 exhibition, all the champagne has long been drunk and the gaming enthusiasm has subsided a little after a real hurricane from announcements and gameplay presentations of new games. Now you can choose the best moments of E3 2018 with peace of mind and in a sober mind. And there really was plenty to choose from, because the last exhibition became one of the best E3 ever since the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Entire Microsoft Conference at E3 2018

The head of Microsoft's gaming division, Phil Spencer, has tirelessly repeated over the past several years that the company has taken into account all past mistakes, no more TV, but only games and more games. And in 2018, Microsoft kept its promise and, as part of its conference, bombarded gamers with exclusive announcements of AAA games.

Of course, the exhibition was mostly remembered thanks to multi-platform games, and projects such as Devil May Cry 5 and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice will be released on Playstation 4. But Microsoft should pay tribute, another such conference, more announcements of exclusive games in the console battle Sony will have a serious competitor.

Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Presentation

Phil Spencer had a lot of surprises in store for gamers, but the main trump card of the entire Microsoft conference was, undoubtedly, the trailer for the new game CD Project. As for the video itself, comments are unnecessary here, this trailer has become a quality compensation for all 5 years of waiting since the announcement of the game. In addition, it is worth noting the stylization of the screen before showing the video, which was done in the manner of hacking.

Also, do not forget about the information noise that arose on the network after the first demonstration of Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay to journalists. This video is not available to ordinary mortals, but many new details about the expected RPG have become known, and the general enthusiasm of the media gives hope that Cyberpunk 2077 will be as big a hit as The Witcher 3.

The Elder Scrolls VI Announcement

If we talk about the loudest announcements of the exhibition, the teaser of the new part of The Elder Scrolls will take the first position. In terms of anticipation, The Elder Scrolls VI is somewhere between the sixth part of GTA and Half-Life 3, so it's no wonder that the announcement has caused great enthusiasm among fans. And even if we pay attention to the words of Todd Howard that the developers have just started creating the game, and that they do not even have the technology that will become the foundation for the sixth "Elder Scrolls", then in any case, the announcement of this game is a large-scale and no doubt a joyful event .

Play Skyrim on your speaker

Bethesda so often announces the release of updated editions of Skyrim on various electronic devices that it's even strange how Elder Scrolls still can't be played on a toaster or calculator ... What about a smart speaker from Amazon? Shouting "Fus Ro Dah" and killing dragons with only one voice, without even turning on the console or PC?

Bethesda will give us this opportunity in the new Very Special Edition of Skyrim! True, this is just a joke, and not to say that it is of the highest category, but when a gaming company sneers at themselves and devotes an entire video to a joke, it can at least cause a grin.

Frankie Wood at PC Gaming Show

I would like to give a separate Audience Award to curly-haired cutie Frankie Wood, who made even those players who are absolutely indifferent to PC gaming to watch the PC conference at E3 2018 with interest.

At the conference there were numerous announcements of exclusive computer games, the announcement of the release of Yakuza on Steam and talk about the superiority of PC hardware over outdated consoles, but it was Frankie Wood who added elegance and beauty to this conference. The organizers of the PC Gaming Show conference know exactly how to attract an audience. Hopefully, next time the conference will feature some truly exclusive AAA PC games.

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Author: Jake Pinkman