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Silent Hill will have a new adaptation


The events of the famous video game series "Silent Hill" will be brought back to the big screens. Director Christoph Hans told about this in an interview with Allocine. “We are working on a new Silent Hill. It will once again be immersed in the atmosphere of a small American town devastated by Puritanism. I think it's time to make a new version,” he said.

The director did not specify when it is he who plans to start work. Recall that Hans has already been involved in the adaptation of "Silent Hill". In 2006, the movie of the same name was released, which is considered one of the best adaptations of video games among fans. The director has other movies, in particular, the French "Beauty and the Beast" (2014) and the famous thriller "The Brotherhood of the Wolf" (2001).

Silent Hill was released in 1999. She has become a classic representative of the survival horror genre. In the story, the writer Harry Mason arrives with his daughter Shaeril in the city of Silent Hill. The car crashes and Harry loses consciousness. When he comes to his senses, his daughter is not around. The main character goes in search of the streets, covered with dense fog, in which an unknown horror is hiding.

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