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Return to Silent Hill

Image Like many video game adaptations, the horror movie "Silent Hill" did not receive very good reviews from critics, but fans of the original liked the film adaptation, which cannot be said about the sequel, which was released in 2012. On it, in fact, the Silent Hill franchise was suspended, but director Christoph Hans reassured those who dreamed of returning to a strange American town.

In an interview with reporters, Hans admitted:“Together with producer Victor Hadida, we are working on two horror films. The first is an adaptation of the video game Project Zero. It will take place in Japan as I want to keep the original setting from the game. We are also working on a new Silent Hill. This project will always be associated with the atmosphere of a small American town destroyed by the Puritans ".

Hans is no stranger to the world of Silent Hill: it was he who directed the first adaptation, released back in 2006. The director managed to preserve the visual style of the game, but the dialogues and plot of the tape clearly did not pull on the title of a film masterpiece.


Perhaps Hans is right when he says it’s time to return to Silent Hill. Despite variable success at the box office, video game adaptations are more popular than ever: "Resident Evil" is preparing for the reboot, Sonic the Hedgehog is at a low start, and there will be two Mortal Kombats at once.

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