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Google has announced its own messenger with support for the next generation standard


Google has created its own messenger RCS Chat, which is positioned as a replacement for SMS for all mobile devices based on Android. The Google communications service is based on the RCS messaging protocol, which is also supported by mobile operators. As an active supporter of the RCS standard, Google is acting without coordination with mobile operators on the joint implementation of the next generation protocol, and plans to officially launch its messenger based on RCS at the end of June.

By now, support for the RCS standard was considered a privilege exclusively of cellular operators, but its implementation was delayed for years due to the fact that individual versions of the protocol were not agreed upon. Despite this, Google representatives call the new Google messenger a completely working service. For this, the corporation intends to use its own technologies and servers.

What is RCS Standard

RCS (stands for Rich Communicaion Services) is a universal modern standard of a new generation that allows you to exchange files of different formats. The protocol intends in the future to replace the SMS technology that appeared in the 90s. Unlike the standard for exchanging short SMS notifications, RCS allows you to perform a more diverse set of actions. In addition to standard text messages, albeit at an increased size, this standard supports audio and video telephony, high quality image exchange, voice and video messages, emoji, location data and much more.


In terms of its technical capabilities, the RCS standard will provide a unified order in the field of messengers. Due to the incompatibility of various information exchange protocols on one phone number, the user may have several platforms installed at once, be it Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Google's RCS

Google is actively promoting the RCS protocol, taking steps towards its further development. The future Google messenger is fully developed for the Rich Communicaion Services standard, thanks to which the service will become compatible with all Android devices that, in turn, support the protocol.


The technical capabilities and features of the RCS standard allow Google to independently launch its own messenger, which supports a more advanced data transfer standard to replace the SMS protocol. At the same time, the launch of the new RCS Chat may lead the corporation to a conflict with mobile providers, which will begin to lose RCS traffic.


It is assumed that every user of the territory where the support of the new Google messenger is planned will receive a notification about its installation. RCS Chat will be available to everyone with an Android smartphone, but the company does not plan to make it the default application and will keep the choice for the user. Moreover, if the SIM card is moved to another device without RCS protocol support, it will automatically support SMS standard.

And yet, Google does not claim that the SMS replacement offered by the company, it’s a new messenger, will cover all countries by the end of the year. Users of Android smartphones from France and the United Kingdom will be the first to appreciate the service, although in the future the global search engine intends to expand its support territory for its Google RCS Chat.

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